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Status: Making progress on the "showthread" template.... currently 34 HTML Validator warnings and errors.

Early, I have fixed all of these errors, but some errors I fixed caused the quick reply function to break (changing name= to id= tags), so I had to revert about a hours worth of work Smilie
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HOCR2DJVUSED(1) 						hocr2djvused manual						   HOCR2DJVUSED(1)

hocr2djvused - hOCR to djvused script converter SYNOPSIS
hocr2djvused [option...] DESCRIPTION
hocr2djvused reads a hOCR[1] file (as produced by OCRopus[2] or Cuneiform[3] or Tesseract[4]) from the standard input and converts it to a djvused script. OPTIONS
Text segmentation options -t lines, --details lines Record location of every line. Don't record locations of particular words or characters. -t words, --details=words Record location of every line and every word. Don't record locations of particular characters. This is the default. -t chars, --details=chars Record location of every line, every word and every character. --word-segmentation=simple Consider each non-empty sequence of non-whitespace characters a single word. This is the default, despite being linguistically incorrect. --word-segmentation=uax29 Use the Unicode Text Segmentation[5] algorithm to break lines into words. This options break assumptions of some DjVu tools that words are separated by spaces, and therefore is it not recommended. Other options --rotation=n Assume that DjVu pages are rotated by n degrees. --page-size=widthxheight Specifies that page size is width pixels x height pixels. This option is required for hOCR generated by Cuneiform (< 0.8) and superfluous otherwise. --html5 Use a HTML5 parser[6], which is more robust but slower than the default parser. --version Output version information and exit. -h, --help Display help and exit. SEE ALSO
ocrodjvu(1), djvused(1) AUTHOR
Jakub Wilk <> Author. NOTES
1. hOCR 2. OCRopus 3. Cuneiform 4. Tesseract 5. Unicode Text Segmentation 6. HTML5 parser hocr2djvused 0.7.9 03/10/2012 HOCR2DJVUSED(1)

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