Changed Forum Cookie Prefix (You May Need to Reload Your Cache)

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Old 11-03-2018
Changed Forum Cookie Prefix (You May Need to Reload Your Cache)

Today we changed the prefix of our cookie and cleared the session table and all is working fine, at least on my end because I cleared my browser javascript cache.

If you experience any strange behavior (you should not), please clear your javascript cache before posting a bug here.

Note: I set up the code so the relevant JS file should refresh automatically, so you should not see any need to refresh manually and all should be A-OK.


PS: The reason for this change is that as we develop more and more new updates, the forum is using less and less legacy vBulletin code and so we are not "technically" a vBulletin site like we used to be (we are a hybrid site now). On the client browser side, we are using much more state-of-the-art javascript frameworks and libs, for example Vue.js; so gradually we are moving off all legacy vB client side code. It seems we have selected Vue.js as our framework of choice after extensive research into JS frameworks.
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