Changing Times at UNIX.COM

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Old 09-11-2018
Changing Times at UNIX.COM

Over the past year, I have written so much code at UNIX.COM, I've gained 4 KGs just sitting at my desk and not exercising!

However, it seems that "no good deed goes unpunished" and not only have I sacrificed my health (gaining weight, not exercising as much), but there is also my family who is not so happy I am working so hard coding again.

Lately, it seems, something is amiss. Maybe there are folks who are resistant to change; maybe there are folks who want to complain about a color or a margin or a border width. Maybe people want to come in and challenge my decisions.

Honestly, I am going to change the forums; because I cannot please everyone 100% of the time, and I'm not going to try anymore after what I have experienced lately. I feel that the progress of moving UNIX.COM forward is being hindered by those who want to cling to the past.

When, like me, you sacrifice months of your time (alone) to redesign mobile and desktop views, work day and night (alone) working on countless lines of PHP and HTML and CSS and Javascript/jQuery code to then have to spend time justifying border widths and colors with people who have not written a single line of website code at UNIX.COM,......

Well... Let me tell you.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Everyone at UNIX.COM is welcome to join me in this journey forward, but we not going to remain in the past, supporting legacy PHP code and old colors and styles.

I hope all will continue on with me to the journey; but if you don't like the new look or insist we keep old features, then I am sorry. I am not going to permit us to cling to the past styles, colors border-widths or background colors.

UNIX.COM is going to change and we are not going to cling to the past as I move this site forward.

We are going to disable features based on PHP 5 code that are not PHP 7 compliant, no matter how much we like them.

We are not going to let the past and legacy code from the past hold us back from an exciting new future.

I hope all of you will join me as we continue to move this important site forward.

Thank You.
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Old 09-11-2018
Sure Neo, THANKS a TON for your hard work for keeping this site as good as it is. Yes, changes are required which we all could work together by learning new technologies and helping you too in forum's development, Well done again for single handily doing this GREAT stuff Smilie

R. Singh
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Old 09-11-2018
Appreciate all the work you do and have done. And hope you have not misinterpreted any of my comments/questions "how do I do this now" or "where is that link now"?
Neither has been intended to take away from the hard work done, but more of "where is that click again?" Smilie Years of intuitively knowing where to click, and now trying to teach an old dog new tricks...

So, thanks again for all the work, and I look forward to the changes.

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Old 09-11-2018
I'm very grateful for the work you put in, Neo, and I wish I could join in helping, but my Web Development is non existing, be it JS, PHP, HTML, or CSS.

Still, I'm collecting some bits here and pieces there, and only when all the major work is done, and the central and necessary functionality is in place and working, I'd come along with my observations for small adaptions or improvements.
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Old 09-11-2018
Hi Neo...

Originally Posted by RudiC
I'm very grateful for the work you put in, Neo, and I wish I could join in helping, but my Web Development is non existing, be it JS, PHP, HTML, or CSS.
I am in the same boat as RudiC here. As I do not do any WWW related stuff I am not conversant with any of those languages; therefore I am unable to give help.

You have done sterling work on the site and look forwards to your future changes.
( Sterling definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary )
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