Your Favorite Tech Support Web Sites and Why?

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# 29  
Originally Posted by richz
Hey RavidSingh13,

Your ideas sound pretty good! Maybe give some more details of what you'd like to see? Or anyone else? It sounds like Neo is willing to put these features in.

So yeah, this sounds pretty good.

Also, other sites have rank/badging systems like you guys are mentioning.
It's your community, so maybe have a little fun with it... and build your own theme...
Like maybe make some Karate belts for certain "Technology Taxonomies".
For example... maybe I'm a Green Belt in "PHP" (taxonomy), maybe RavinderSingh13 is a Brown Belt in "PHP" (taxonomy), Neo is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in "PHP" (taxonomy), and Rasmus Lerdorf is a 10th Degree Black Belt in "PHP" (taxonomy).

Similarly, maybe hicksd8 is a Black Belt in "Android" (taxonomy) and Bakunin is a Black Belt in "Dev Ops" (taxonomy).

Your main ranking system should have some sort of legitimacy to it, so a total Newbie can't be a black belt in it. Maybe different levels of users, get daily "karma points" to spend on quality questions, answers, posts, etc. These "karma points" and other metrics like number of "accepted answers" could help in "leveling up" to a higher karate belt.

Or you could do any leveling system... like typical gold/silver/bronze medal stuff (maybe even map these to certain karate belt levels).
Or even a military ranking system like Sergeant, Major, Colonel, etc
Whatever you guys prefer...

Then maybe, you could also give "badge awards" for cool "one-offs"... Like promotional "badge awards" for things like... "Award Level Founder", "Taxonomy Engineer", "Haloween Jack O Latern" for "answer hero during the week of Haloween".
Just have fun with these!

All these ideas by RavidSingh13 sound like good candidates for "Award Badges":

Yeah, the taxonomies seem like a great idea... Maybe a few experts from each of the categories could volunteer to help generate ideas for what their area's "taxonomy structure" should look like?

And yeah, it seems Videos are all the rage these days for learning new Tech. God man, I don't wanna read... I just wanna sit back and sponge up some other smart person's knowledge! Maybe try a few Video Tutorials? Maybe even create a "Bounty System" to donate one's "karma points" for that killer video or even text-based walk-through you wish you could see! And other members could "Like" that same "bounty item", and they could up-vote or down-vote that bounty item or even donate their points to it too... Sounds like a new good Award Badge could be "Bounty Mercenary Ace" haha.

Another thing to consider with Video tutorials is...
Maybe members don't even need to generate all the content...
Maybe just hyperlink to existing free videos in the public domain, and the community could moderate/vote on how helpful particular videos are?

Sounds like you guys got some good ideas brewing here!
If you guys really like the community here, then it sounds like the community should help to evolve

Any thoughts? Lots of different possibilities!

------ Post updated at 11:47 PM ------

I joined this WhatsApp group. Does anyone else want to join? Or use a different chat platform?

Ravidsingh13, want to join a chat?
Hello richz,

i just joined the what's up group for unix forums now Smilie

R. Singh
# 30  
I'm out of the development loop until after Sept 12th, as I am working on moving the site to a new data center.

You guys go ahead without me until then.

# 31  
Originally Posted by Neo
Was on the phone last night with a friend and his idea about this topic was:

(1) Create a nice, unique badging system.

(2) Create video tutorials and feature them.

After thinking about this, I agree with (2) for sure.

For me and most all other people I know, we get our new tech information from YouTube tutorials. Personally, anytime I want to learn some new tech, I immediately go to YouTube and find great tutorials on all the latest and greatest tech.
I've mentioned the 'L' word (library) before but let me solicit other peoples views on this because I haven't thought it through thoroughly. So this post might get long; I don't know. I'm just going to bash some keys as the thoughts come out of my head. Many of you may think this is rubbish, but here goes.

How about setting up a library on this site that only members can access, therefore you must sign up if someone tells you that it contains good stuff. Yes, there would be videos in the library but in addition:

Regular pdf's relevant to FAQ's

Scripting tutorials

Official owners/service manuals (Copyright acknowledged, and yes, manufacturers could ask us to take them down but if their competition is on here, do they wish to be excluded?)

Other manufacturers guides/material for e.g. SAN's, NAS's, connectivity guides, how to's?

Tutorials written by forum staff

Research papers/teaching material (Copyrights acknowledged e.g. college material)

Consulting papers - which product is best? Gartner and the like as it enhances their image.

To catalogue this lot would require tagging/classification to allow members to find what they are looking for.

As far as possible, the library would be unbiased.

New members are often too timid to ask a 'stupid question' but would use a library.

Could we afford the disk space on the site to launch something like this???

Now the commercial stuff:

We could get into charging (bits, cash or gold bars) for some downloads.
We could get some manufacturers willing to pay for advertising linked to their library content.
Authors could charge for their tutorials

Would any manufacturer ask for their stuff to be taken down when their competition doesn't?

I know that I've uploaded 'connectivity guides' as attachments when members have asked really involved SAN questions.

In summary: Video could be just one medium in a library.

Here's a live example:
I need a recent book about CUPS - can someone recommend me one?
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