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Originally Posted by RudiC
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no command of PHP, so posting the code would not fall on fertile soil. That's also why I regrettably can't offer any help in the project.

All programming is nearly the same, LOL

I program in PHP and Javascript daily these days. Last year it was C# everyday and PHP sometimes. Two decades ago it was PERL. Decades before that it was C, KSH, Basic and Fortran.

That's not including all the CSS, HTML, jQuery, and other frameworks and sets included in the mix, etc.

It's all the same. LOL

If, then, else, arrays, objects, syntax errors ....

Honestly, it's all the same.

Currently, I love Javascript the best.
# 9  
Originally Posted by Neo
On my current main TODO list are:

  • Responsive threadbits (search results, forum thread views, etc.).
Search results are done.

Search Results are Now Responsive (Live)
# 10  
Similar threads are now responsive with CSS Flex powered by jQuery:

We can tweak and fine tune proportions, sizes, colors over time.

Here is the initial jQuery which drives the transformation:

$(document).ready(function() {
        overflow: "visable"
    $(".neo-similarthreads-thead, .neo-similarthreads-threadbit").css({
        display: "flex",
        "flex-flow": "row wrap",
        "justify-content": "space-between",
        "flex-direction": "row",
        "align-content": "stretch"
    $(".neo-similarthreads-thead, .neo-similarthreads-threadbit").find("td").removeAttr("width, align, nowrap");
        "width": "240",
        "flex-grow": "10"
        "width": "100",
        "flex-grow": "3"
        "width": "150",
        "flex-grow": "5"
        "width": "50"
        "width": "120",
        "flex-grow": "4"
    $(window).on("resize", neoAdjustSimilarThreads);
    function neoAdjustSimilarThreads() {
        var widthNow = $(window).width();
        if (widthNow < 700) {
            $(".neo-similarthreads-thead, .neo-similiarthreads-thead-replies").hide();
            $("#neo-similarthreads-phrase").text("Similar Threads")
        } else {
            $(".neo-similarthreads-thead, .neo-similiarthreads-thead-replies").show();
            $("#neo-similarthreads-phrase").text("More UNIX and Linux Forum Topics You Might Find Helpful")
    $("#collapseimg_similarthreads").click(function() {
        return toggle_collapse("similarthreads")

TODO: Thread views in forums.
# 11  
Rebuild similar thread database 22 Sept 2018.
# 12  
Rebuild similar thread database 8 Oct 2018.
# 13  
Rebuilt similar thread database 16 Oct 2018.
# 14  
Rebuilt similar thread database a new times including today, 15 Nov 2018.

Note: Have been updating regularly but not posting here when we update. Not really necessary to updates when we rebuild similar threads in this thread.

Also, updated the code and changed the number of similar threads from 10 to 15. Was going to change to 20, but 15 seems like quite a lot already.
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