ASUS ROG PG348Q Curved 34" Gaming Monitor Died

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False alarm!

After leaving the crazy thing unplugged for an hour and having enjoying a glass of red wine on my balcony; plugged it back in and Boom! Working again...

Maybe I will clean up some more CSSs tomorrow, moving inline styles to CSS and cleaning up my mess...

Never ending work....always more and more to do!!!!
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After searching the net, this is a common problem with the ASUS ROG PG348Q.

However, I think I found a solution.

When the ASUS ROG PG348Q will not turn back on after being powered off, I found I had to do two things.
  • Unplug the monitor from the power supply; AND
  • Unplug the monitor from the display port in the computer.

It seems me that somehow the computer display port (in my case the MacPro) is sending some signal which is blocking the power-on function; maybe it is part of a "sleep mode" handshake between the computer and the monitor, which is buggy, I'm not sure.

I wish this great monitor just had a simple, mechanical ON/OFF switch; but I guess those days are long gone Smilie
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Yeah, at least one more year of warranty, that's cool and ASUS service is good. They send a tech to my condo, which is cool.

I could not develop software if I used the screen on my 13" MacBook Air(s) like I used to; and that is one of the reasons for years I stopped coding. It was too much of an eye strain to code on small screens.

However, I love this 34" curved monitor, and if I had the table space, I would have three of them surrounding me!

For anyone who loves to code or develop software and feels eye strain using a monitor, and you are currently using a monitor less than 21", I would highly recommend you get a monitor like this one. It's a total life changer!

Just do it!

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