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Are the BSDs dying?

What is on Your Mind?

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Old Unix and Linux 02-01-2018   -   Original Discussion by dodona
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Originally Posted by Corona688 View Post
Has it ever been wildly popular? It's been influential but that's not the same thing.
see the BSD of the late 70ths/80ths has a lot more to do with *NIX as we know it today than AT&T who adopted a lot from BSD for System III and V. TCP,Internet, virtual memory, video terminal, vi/ex, reliable signals, job control and even printer queues, just to name a few, are all genuine BSD inventions.
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Old Unix and Linux 02-01-2018   -   Original Discussion by dodona
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That other open UNIX and UNIX-like systems became numerous is hardly a "failure" on BSD's part. That you can use any OS you like, even ones not descended from BSD, and get the same features and calls, that source will work on wildly different processors, that it no longer matters where a feature was invented -- that was the whole point. That's their true and enduring success.

Also, you're thinking of this commercially, with emphasis on customers... You don't need to be popular to contribute useful ideas. Just look at "Plan Nine". Useful ideas are still being quietly taken from BSD here and there, now and again.

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Old Unix and Linux 02-01-2018   -   Original Discussion by dodona
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I have zero experience with BSD(s), but i've heard all the praises for their network stack.
Haven't tested it in real world, and development in linux is moving light speed so perhaps it is not the case anymore.

The victory of linux over unix(es) is perhaps a victory for consumers having cheap (free) operating system, but i do not see it as a good thing for IT in general.

Domination of one product and philosophy, regardless if it's open and free is still a bad thing.

As my older colleagues say, system admins will remember the good old days where servers were made to last, programs coded with care and implemented per standards.

Old Unix and Linux 02-02-2018   -   Original Discussion by dodona
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