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Idea for a New Forum Front End Using Unity and SciFi Assets

unity, unity3d

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# 15  
Old 10-19-2017
FIXED Seems like embedding YouTube videos break our new security and to see them in posts you need to click "permit" in the browser bar (permit unsecure content). I'll need to look into how to fix that, but it might not be possible using SSL since HTTPS sees embedded scripts as risky code from a foreign site (correctly);

Anyway, here is a another video which I think looks great for a future forum hangout in Unity:

Sci Fi Bridge Scene in Unity 3D Engine

# 16  
Old 11-12-2017
Anyone interested in coding in the Unity3D IDE in C# for this project?

# 17  
Old 12-01-2017

I'm going to delay this new application development (VR/AR dev for the site using a gaming engine) for a while and concentrate on new forum features (mobile and desktop) for the next few months using the same old tools (CSS, Javascript, HTML, PHP).


PS: I had a bad experience with a scifi asset seller in the Unity Asset store yesterday. Some real ***hole sold a Unity scifi environment asset with errors. It was cheap, just around $25 USD; but it had errors when I installed it. Since I am busy I asked for a refund because of the errors and the develop hurled insults at me and then accused me of trying to steal his $25 asset. I was amazed at how small minded and "Trump-Like" the world has become.

Because of this bad experience, I am going to stop developing in Unity3D and C# for a while as stick to "normal" JS/CSS and PHP forum upgrades for now.
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