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# 15  
Old 05-25-2017
Originally Posted by Peasant
This was an no harm intended update, since that was on my mind

I like to to script most of my work as an admin: not because of the development process itself but because this way i can assure i can enjoy my bbq while stuff does itself as it should
Actually, you are right and while i appreciate your (successful, i give you that) attempt at being funny you actually voiced a deeper truth than you might even have considered: we are in (actually at the core of) the automatisation business: computers are so widespread and we have so much well-paid work to do because they do things automatically we would otherwise have to do ourselves.

I fail to see why everything should be automated using computers but us - who make that all possible - should slave and do our work manually. I am a fairly good typist, but i like to picture myself as being even better at thinking than at typing - so i rather think of ways to minimise the typing than to type more just to be able to avoid thinking. If i can enjoy some BBQ in the time i freed for myself this way - all the better!

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# 16  
Old 12-11-2017
trying to learn. this forum is too advanced haha
# 17  
Old 05-14-2018
Interesting results.

I thought there will be way less people in this category "Amateur with no absolute knowledge of any one part of computer science, but willing to learn."

Which is not a bad thing.
# 18  
Old 05-24-2018
Student with aspirations in the support side of IT
Also I'm a specialist in a non-IT field, but I think it's not interesting
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