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Congrats to RudiC - 3000 Thanks!

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Congrats to RudiC - 3000 Thanks!
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Congrats to RudiC - 3000 Thanks!

Congratulations to RudiC for crossing the magic boundary of being thanked 3000 times! As someone who often has profited greatly from your insight i stand in awe before this achievement.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge!


PS: ...and you must have too much time on your hands ;-)
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# 2  
Yes... 3000 thanked posts and over 10,000 posts. Both are big milestones.

Thank you, RudiC, for the help you have provided all of us. Smilie
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# 3  
Well done RudiC...

You have given much to the site and the thanks from others prove as such.

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# 4  
Hello RudiC sir,

Congratulations for your great achievement(It is really a BIG one), I want to tell you THANK you for your great participation/knowledge sharing/guidance in here these forums.
You are one of the BEST MODs here Smilie. Keep Rocking.

Here is my wishes in coding style too.
awk 'BEGIN{printf("%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c %c%c%c%c%c 
%c%c%c %c%c%c %c%c%c%c %c%c%c%c%c %c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c %c%
c%c %c%c%c%c%c\n",67,111,110,103,114,97,116,117,108,97,116,105,111,110,115,

Output will be:
Congratulations RudiC sir for this great achievement, you ROCK.
R. Singh
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# 5  
Congrats Rudic Smilie
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# 6  
Thank you RudiC...

You are such a valuable team member and have given so much of your valuable time to everyone at

Well done!
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# 7  
Well, thanks to all of you ! It is and has been so much fun to be and contribute in here - can't be overestimated.

And, while, yes, some time has been spent in here, I have to admit that I learned much more from all of you than I think I contributed. Having been a VMS - and some ORACLE - person in ancient times I was relatively new to *nix when I dropped by. Luckily I could apply some of my experiences from old times in these fora. My firm belief is that curiosity, creativity, and logic thinking are THE BASICS to - not only - our professional branch / subfield.
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