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Old 09-20-2016
Hacking buddy


I am looking for a technical soul willing to play around with technical stuff and exchange the knowledge and experience no matter how skilled would that be either begginer or experienced geek. If anybody interested just ping me in the thread here.

Wish you a great day!
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Old 09-20-2016
(I am not necessarily interested but I guess many on here would help with your ideas.)

It depends on what you mean by technical stuff ?

1) Have you a specific idea in mind?
2) Does it include shell scripting, (or other coding languages)?
3) Are you biased towards a known start like Arduino or Paspberry Pi?
4) Over what time period are you looking at for any specific type of project?
5) What age group are you aiming your ideas at?
6) What limitations are you putting on said project(s), e.g. cost, complexity, tools etc?
7) What are you thinking of at this point in time?
8) If no hardware is needed what are your ideas for SW apps'?
9) More I can't think of at the moment...

You might want to read this:-
My programming niche...
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Old 09-20-2016
Well it is not about nothing in particular. Rather looking for inspiration and possibility to learn something.
Technologies I have experience with are Linux, BSD, networking and such.
I am beginner programmer in C and do some basic shell scripting (BASH).
I am working in TELCO (SMS and MMS etc.) and I am open to any oportunity to improve my skills.
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Old 09-20-2016
Aha, so it is software you are looking at.
(Apologies for any typos.)

May I suggest you think of a SW project app' and research well into it.
Unless you require serious mission critical stuff steer clear of assembler code.

Python is a superb language now with libraries for just about every computing _angle_ on the planet but IMO it is leaving the beginners behind who just want to get simple things working, like Arduino creations.

My language of choice now is shell scripting and when I started learning it in January 2013 it had all those things I like in one language.

Don't do much C(++) these days unless I need something that is too slow with other languages.

I am much more interested in building and adapting HW to talk to my laptop and writing code to match in the guise of electronic testgear.

As for help the big guns on here are extremely bright at not just shell scripting but other languages too. They never cease to amaze me...

Hacking is what I do DO, but that requires building and understanding HW and how it interfaces with a computer...

So to finalise determine some kind of app' that you think you are capable of doing and start from there. You could always start with your project on here like I did. I was pleasantly surprised when I started my first project on here the help that was volunteered by the pros.

My 5 pennoth... ;o)
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Old 09-21-2016
Shell scripting is great for automatising stuff thats for sure. How did you start to learn? I know some basics that help me a lot in my job like a simple oneliners etc and love to use:
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
as a reference but where it comes to big scripts I am out of ideas as I wont come in touch with that at work and mostly do not need them for my personal purposes.

I like to learn at least basics of C programming as it is the base of most of the unix-like and opensource world. Unfortunately there is a huge gap between the basics like 'Hello world', elementary pointer usage etc. and reading the source code of the apps or even doing bigger changes in them Smilie.
I do not dream to be a pro C programmer but I would like to be able to use it more efficiently at least in a passive way.
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Old 09-21-2016
Shell scripting is great for automatising stuff thats for sure. How did you start to learn?
(First of all I am NOT a coder, I am a hobbyist coder and I do have bad habits. I am however a retired electronics engineer.)

By BRAGGING I could do something different that the shell and terminal were not designed for although I had no idea what I was talking about.
I had no idea whether my future creation would even get off of the ground but hey I said it would so take a look, this is nealy 4 years old now. Gained 5 stars here, had a magazine write up and the Admins on here have allowed it to flow - MANY THANKS GUYS. This is the site that gets the latest version FIRST, there is another but this one is always at least one week ahead.

I have thanked the big guns for their help that they in fact volunteered without me even asking and at least 50% of their help is incorporated is said script with subtle changes to suit my coding style. Only download the latest version if you want to see it but do read how this huge script has evolved over the period. I am actually having a break from it at the moment but I am removing legacy stuff to bring it into the 21st century... ;oD

Still loads to do however, getting there but it is slow now as the really difficult bits are hard to work out. One is using a counter for DC input. This is seriously difficult on ths MBP.
Chopper and VCO methods for DC input are built but Chopper mode is not coded for yet.

The Start Of A Simple Audio Scope Shell Script...

I have started some other things on here that I will get back too when this baby is finished but building hardware as well as coding for it takes mega-time to get working...

So to finish I jumped in at the deep end - literally - not knowing a thing about terminals or shells but learnt a lot by doing something so bizarre that no one has ever done before...

So don't underestimate the terminal and shell along with transient commands at your disposal. To be truthful it was the terminal and its escape codes that initiated this project as I just love doing everything in text mode...

You could say I am a minimalist... ;oD

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Old 09-21-2016
Whatever you do, don't dream to be a pro C programmer. IMHO, I think it is just around for backwards compatibility. I can imagine it getting phased out at some point. Why PL/SQL is a good tool to know, I question how many people are going to want that skill going forward. For me I started shell scripting when I had a problem to solve. and ideally you will use it to solve some problem in a repeatable way that will help you to do something that you care about. So if you install an open source application you would need to start it and shut it down and you can script that. If you use a database you need to do a backup, you can script that. Just keep finding this that you can script and write the scripts. You should also look at the script online and see if you can figure out what they are doing and how they are doing it.
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