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Regarding guidance to learn *NIX more and more

View Poll Results: How to help non *NIX people in learning projects
Create a sub forum for only sharing your worked projects details one. 1 50.00%
Create sub forum and can post any good github link for members to visit. 0 0%
Other ideas? 1 50.00%
Voters: 2. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Regarding guidance to learn *NIX more and more
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Old 02-03-2016
Lightbulb Regarding guidance to learn *NIX more and more

Hello All,

This Poll/thread is for views of all forum user regarding following point:

There are many people in this forum who are actually not actually working on *NIX(admin or real scripting/automation part) but they are/have learnt scripting and trying to help/guide/advice/sharing knowledge here because we all either working on any language or any applications are related to *NIX O.S or any other kind of different O.S, that's good for all of us but most of the time we will get either hardware issue or shell scripting in small parts or most of the times data manipulations kind of requests but will not get a complete picture of project to learn or work on.

Idea is there a way we could help those non-*nix working people by having a special forum where we(experts/all) could either post the automation/project basic requirements(not critical details off course) which people have completed so others could try to do it or learn it by doing it by themselves. It is more like github but not exactly, just wanted to have non-*nix working people to have more opportunities and queries so that they could learn more on same. I am sorry if this doesn't look a good idea but as a Java developer I could understand problem of other fellows who wanted to learn *NIX more and more but sometimes they are lack of visions about projects etc.

NOTE: This request is not for teaching someone, it is more alike guiding and sharing knowledge/experiences etc.

1st- Create a sub forum for only sharing your worked projects details one.
2nd- Create sub forum and can post any good github link for members to visit.
3rd- Other ideas?

R. Singh
"GOD helps those Who help themselves."
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Old 02-04-2016
Hi RavinderSingh13...

Nice idea(s)...

I am one of those non-professionals that have written some short simple _apps_, 'reminder' and 'bigtime' in the OSX forum are but just two.

However my serious attempt at an _app_ is '' and it would be nice to have it in a sub-forum of 'User _Apps_' where the turnover will be low as opposed to the main shell scripting forum that has an enormous throughput.

As it stands, apart from finishing the circuits and calibration methods this app is fully functional. However I am adding subtleties like ALTDC of which the VCO method is already catered for, but these are NOT needed for its original concept...

SO I am in favour of a sub-forum for people like me, and there are a lot of us, to give their bit...
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Old 02-04-2016
Hello RavinderSingh13

I feel adressed, as i'm such a 'non-professional'.
Sounds interesting, however, I dont unerstand it/them fully.

Are you talking of a subforum, lets say 'user projects', where stuff like: Audioscope, TUI, Tetris, SIMPLE HTTP PROXY SERVER CHECKER and the CIDR netblocks converter could/would reside?

Now my confusion begings...
I havent 'met' any other projects here, i think... well, maybe our morse stuff... Smilie
Would you then say, each project gets its own sub-subforum, for its related threads?
Maybe i get confused by my understanding/interpretation of the "automation/project basic requirements" part.
Are you talking about something like an unpersonal/shared 'mentorship'?

Wouldnt a topic for 4-6 threads be a little overkill?
But then again, it would be nice to have a 'legit' place to announce/post one owns project/s.

3 cents of a sick sea
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# 4  
Old 02-04-2016
Hello Sea,

Thank you for replying to this thread Smilie. No, I meant like let's have a forum named (Projects etc) where whoever worked either their own or professional ones they could provide the information(Off course not the sensitive one), eg--> I have done connecting Documentum application through Java web services an automation where I written a job to pick documents from Documentum's content server and place it to a target server, read it from a URL where user could retrieve/get the documents according to their wish(Just a very very brief information here, without any secure information.).

Like this we could more information in post with whatever tools we have used to complete it, if that is feasible to give tools used or kind of design document etc. Also if it is a personal automation/code we could give code itself too in post. My ultimate motive is so that people who are not in that field(in my case *NIX) could get a requirement and after work they could try(if feasible) at their own lab or their own systems. Because
The more we share, the more we will learn.
R. Singh
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Old 02-04-2016
Hi Ravinder,

I would be quite interested in seeing a projects type forum here, as it's always good to see the things that other people are doing. Although I would think that the more effective way to put this together (if you want to use the github model) would be a kind of collaborative effort, like defining a project and looking for people to come together in some kind of team effort.

Where I see the problem is commitment, as you point out there are many *NIX professionals here. These people, if they are anything like me contribute on a best efforts basis. So finding time to get involved in a "Project" may be an issue for them, simply due to work constraints. Whereas contributing on an "ad hoc" basis, is probably not what a "Project" needs.

Just a couple of thoughts!


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Old 02-04-2016
As i understand it now, it is something like math-task in words. (one train drives at 60mph, the other drives at 85kmh, the distance...)

In another forum, we have 'something like' that.
A user started to create threads starting with: "Programming Challenge: TASK DESCRIPTION", like:
Programming Challenge: Write a calculator, or "Programming Challenge: Read/Write from/to a socket", etc...

Those threads are well visited, and participated with a variety of solutions that could blow your mind.

Do you mean something like that, just with a little bit 'bigger projects'?
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# 7  
Old 02-28-2016
This is a good idea.

So, to summarize you would like a forum named "Projects" ....

.. anything else?

Thanks for the good ideas.. keep them coming!
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