They won't need so many sys admins anymore

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? They won't need so many sys admins anymore
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Old 10-07-2015
Originally Posted by Peasant
It is the dronification on the works.
They want people to obey, not to think.

Cloud ? It still needs sysadmin love.
Now you are not connecting physical servers and switches, but virtual ones.
It still requires knowledge how things work and how they should be configured.

Couple of sysadmins for thousands of servers ?
Yea, and N of insert made up drone positions.

As for HP, i'm working with HP gear for last 6 years on mostly all levels.
I cannot speak of the past (a bit too young...32), from what i've heard from 50+ folks HP was a great company when it innovated.
Shit started happening when instead of doing the work, they started buying other companies and playing money games.

HPUX is a great operating system standards compliant, but the hardware that follows today is just bad. Itanic sucks on so many levels (power, performance..)

Nobody can touch x86 - it is cheap, has the fastest CPU and does the job on the operating system you choose (solaris variants, linux varians, bsd etc...)

Who would choose Itanic,SPARC or POWER over Xeon for a new project ?
What advantages do you see in such selection ?
Think twice and ahead Smilie
I said with cloud they don't need so many I didn't say they don't need anymore sysadmins.

In HP when I first joined years back my KPI for unix server was originally 20 boxes per engineer then it jumped to 40 and they bumped it up again 80 boxes per engineer.

I spoke to the overseas team taking over the support from local they have 20 guys managing over 3000 physical servers. That's over 150 server per engineer almost double. And that may not even be their real KPI it may be even higher so how do you win against low cost?

This and all other layoffs is all about money costs pressures and who is able to give more bang for their $$$$$, your skillsets may be very good but you cannot win low cost and you could still find yourself getting cut.

The business guy he is in-charge not you and he doesn't know you or what you look like or your family money problems all he sees everyday is a number on a spreadsheet that he wants to cut because he is answerable to the people above him all the way to the ceo and then finally the shareholders who every year want to see more returns performance dividends.
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Old 10-10-2015
Sorry to hear this sparcguy. Hope you will keep us updated on anything you find. Always like to know how these things turn out.
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Old 11-25-2015
Originally Posted by sparcguy
Nice eye catching title huh Smilie

I got laid off along with 55000 others from HP worldwide have been expecting this for some time and now it's finally my turn. Most of the folks I know get laid off at around this age of 40+ so do take note.

Ideas that ran thru my head this last few weeks: bitcoin farming, it security, audit/compliance, drive a taxi.

Anybody with 5 minutes to spare got any good ideas?
This is a blessing. HP is a sucking black hole of mismanagement and incompetence.

Some of those laid off will find SA jobs elsewhere, and some will find their way into other fields.

If you can't find work where you're at, consider relocating...

As hard as this might be right now Brother, consider it a blessing in disguise.
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