Forum Update: Disabled Home Page Forum Statistics for Guests (Not Registered)

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Forum Update: Disabled Home Page Forum Statistics for Guests (Not Registered)
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Old 04-13-2015
Forum Update: Disabled Home Page Forum Statistics for Guests (Not Registered)

Just a quick update; to speed up the forums, I have disabled the forum statistics on the home page for non registered users.

No changes for registered users.
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HOME(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   HOME(8)

home, 40meg, 80meg, personalize, update, Disclabel - administration for local file systems SYNOPSIS
gnot/home gnot/personalize gnot/update magnum/home magnum/personalize magnum/update pc/40meg pc/80meg pc/personalize pc/update nextstation/home nextstation/update DESCRIPTION
These programs help maintain a file system on a local disk for a private machine. Home partitions a disk, copies the appropriate kernel to the disk, and makes a new file system on the disk. To do this, it overwrites the vendor-supplied software on the disk with a copy of Plan 9. 40meg, 80meg, and 100meg configure disks and make file systems for disks of the appropriate size. Update copies the current kernel to the disk and updates files on the local file system. It only updates those files put there by the home program. Personalize removes the contents of the /usr directory on the local disk and copies a minimal set of files for the user who runs the com- mand. The file /rc/bin/nextstation/Disclabel, despite its name, is not an rc(1) script. It contains the second stage bootstrap program for Nextstations booting from local disk. Before booting a Plan 9 Nextstation from disk, it should be installed in the partition /dev/hd1label; this is normally done by nexstation/home. FILES
/lib/proto/portproto Mkfs prototype files for magnum/home, magnum/update, gnot/home, and gnot/update. /lib/proto/386proto Mkfs prototype files for pc/40meg, pc/80meg, and pc/update. SOURCE
/rc/bin/gnot/* /rc/bin/magnum/* /rc/bin/pc/* /rc/bin/nextstation/* SEE ALSO
kfs(4), mkfs(8), prep(8), wren(3) ``Installing the Plan 9 Distribution''. HOME(8)

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