How do you prefer to read books?

View Poll Results: How do you prefer to read books?
Paper 26 74.29%
E-reader 6 17.14%
Laptop/Desktop 8 22.86%
Tablet 6 17.14%
Audiobook 3 8.57%
Not much of a reader 0 0%
Other 0 0%
Smartphone 0 0%
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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? How do you prefer to read books?
# 8  
Old 12-02-2013
With eyes.

Not being facetious, but for my eyes, the bright white paper from most electronic devices to too harsh for published documents where you can't adjust the paper colour, so real paper for me

It's portable more than a PC too, and my phone is a Nokia 3410, so calls and text only because I'm not interested in paying for 'toys' at my age.

Published documents are great for searching, then I will print the relevant sections as folded A4 booklets and keep them to hand.

# 9  
Old 02-15-2014
Audiobooks have been a blessing for me recently! I found out about, thanks to TWIT's Steve Gibson, and the Security Now podcast. So I get a book a month that I listen to when I'm at the gym or driving to work. It's really, really a good way to still read but if you don't have the time to sit down and block off time.
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Old 03-14-2014
# 11  
Old 03-14-2014
I like the feeling .. touching paper… its funny how I find things in book I read easily but can take weeks in my docs on computer
# 12  
Old 03-14-2014
I tend to only read books on the Kindle Paperwhite these days.
# 13  
Old 04-24-2014
Originally Posted by vbe
I like the feeling .. touching paper...
The same here. I have (and like) documentation in PDF- or similar form, but i do not exactly "read" these. I rather consult it. The books i really care for and the ones i read (that is, from beginning to end) i prefer to have in paper and paper alone.

# 14  
Old 04-24-2014
I prefer paper, most of my text books have additional notes or examples - it's hard to write on an e-reader.
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