Favourite Games console

View Poll Results: Favourite games Console
PC 8 26.67%
Sega Master System/Mega Drive/Saturn 7 23.33%
Playstation 3 3 10.00%
Amiga 2 6.67%
Commodore 2 6.67%
Xbox/Xbox 360 2 6.67%
Atari 1 3.33%
Mobile Phone 1 3.33%
NES/SNES 1 3.33%
Nintendo 64 1 3.33%
Nintendo Wii 1 3.33%
Playstation 1 3.33%
Dreamcast 0 0%
Gameboy (any version) 0 0%
Nintendo GameCube 0 0%
Other (please specify) 0 0%
PSP 0 0%
Playstation 2 0 0%
Pong 0 0%
Voters: 30. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Favourite Games console
# 1  
Old 10-05-2011
Favourite Games console

So what is everyones all time favourite games console and why do you like it?

(Please - no comments on why they are better than others as that would be opinion based and cause arguments, positive comments only)
# 2  
Old 10-05-2011
I'll break the ice. Xbox 360 because of all the games, the picture and the online community.
# 3  
Old 10-05-2011
Sega Genesis. Lost interest in consoles after that
# 4  
Old 10-05-2011
Sega Master System/Mega Drive/Saturn
# 5  
Old 10-05-2011
Atari 2600 and MB Vectrex! Smilie
# 6  
Old 10-05-2011
My father bought me at first an Atari a Family Entertainment System ( A Clone of Master System and NES ) then I bought myself Sega Mega Drive , NES , SNES , N64, Playstation 1, 2 and 3.
I love Sega Mega Drive and 2D Video Games
My first direct exposure to computing was through gaming and video consoles
I lost interest in consoles and gaming , It's very rare nowadays when I play.

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# 7  
Old 10-05-2011
I can't stand modern first-person shooters. I'm so inept at them. Some friends cajoled me into playing Halo for a while and it was just embarrassing. That, and so many of them seem to be 'stumbling around in the dark' simulators.

Perspectives other than first person seem to be okay-ish.
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