What is your favourite movie at the moment?

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? What is your favourite movie at the moment?
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Old 10-27-2011
Planet of the Apes was better than I'd expected lol.
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Old 11-14-2011

here is a list of movies i compiled which i like... if you have any comments on these feel free to share.. :-)
Cast Away                                                                                          (ENG)
The Snow Walker                                                                              (ENG)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day                                                           (ENG)
Gladiator                                                                                            (ENG)
Malina                                                                                                (ENG)
Cold Mountain                                                                                  (ENG)
Brokeback Mountain                                                                        (ENG)
The Last Samurai                                                                               (ENG)
Beyond Border                                                                                  (ENG)
Behind Enemy Lines                                                                          (ENG)
The Count Of Monte Cristo                                                             (ENG)
Troy                                                                                                    (ENG)
Daniel Defoe's: Robinson Crusoe                                                    (ENG)
Alien                                                                                                   (ENG)
Titanic                                                                                                 (ENG)
Planet Of The Apes                                                                           (ENG)
GroundHog Day                                                                                (ENG)
Saving Private Ryan                                                                          (ENG)
Ugly Truth                                                                                          (ENG)
Awful Truth                                                                                        (ENG)
Enemy At The Gates                                                                         (ENG)
Roman Holiday                                                                                  (ENG)
The Holiday                                                                                        (ENG)
Mr.Bean's Holiday                                                                            (ENG)
You've Got Mail                                                                                (ENG)
The Shop Around The Corner                                                          (ENG)
Gone With The Wind                                                                        (ENG)
Finding Nemo                                                                                    (ENG)
The Terminal                                                                                      (ENG)
The Lion King                                                                                     (ENG)
The Blind Side                                                                                    (ENG)
The Pianist                                                                                         (ENG)
Die Hard: Die Harder                                                                        (ENG)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest                                (ENG)
Godfather                                                                                          (ENG)
James Bond: Casino Royale                                                             (ENG)
Bruce Almighty                                                                                  (ENG)
In July                                                                                                 (GERMAN)
Hot Shots: Part deux                                                                        (ENG)
Good, Bad And The Ugly                                                                  (ENG)
Modern Times                                                                                   (ENG)
Defiance                                                                                             (ENG)
The Great Escape                                                                              (ENG)
Schindler's List                                                                                  (ENG)
Jurassic Park 3                                                                                   (ENG)
The Truman Show                                                                             (ENG)
Gods Must Be Crazy                                                                         (ENG)
Childrens Of Heaven                                                                         (ENG)
Forest Gump                                                                                     (ENG)
First Blood                                                                                         (ENG)
Rainman                                                                                             (ENG)
12 Angry Men                                                                                   (ENG)
Cinderella Man                                                                                  (ENG)
Blindman                                                                                            (ENG)
Seraphim Falls                                                                                   (ENG)
Small Soldiers                                                                                    (ENG)
District B13                                                                                        (ENG)
District 9                                                                                            (ENG)
The Man With The Iron Mask                                                          (ENG)
Atonement                                                                                        (ENG)
Wuthering Heights                                                                           (ENG)
Toy Story                                                                                            (ENG)
Life Is Beautiful                                                                                  (ENG)
Cube                                                                                                   (ENG)
Bourne's Identity                                                                              (ENG)
Johnny English                                                                                   (ENG)
Hachiko: A Dogs Story                                                                      (ENG)
300                                                                                                     (ENG)
Me, Myself And Irene                                                                       (ENG)
Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels                                            (ENG)
Unforgiven                                                                                         (ENG)
Time Machine                                                                                    (ENG)
Crocodile Dundee                                                                              (ENG)
The Fifth Element                                                                              (ENG)
The Mask                                                                                           (ENG)
Speed                                                                                                  (ENG)
Heat                                                                                                    (ENG)
Indiana Jones: Temple Of Doom                                                     (ENG)
Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life                                                             (ENG)
Cellular                                                                                               (ENG)
Exorcist                                                                                               (ENG)
Dawn Of The Dead                                                                            (ENG)
Evil Dead 3                                                                                         (ENG)
The Matrix                                                                                         (ENG)
The Reader                                                                                         (ENG)
The Notebook                                                                                    (ENG)
Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer                                                (ENG)
The Net                                                                                               (ENG)
Minority Report                                                                                (ENG)
Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King                                           (ENG)
Ben Hur                                                                                              (ENG)
The Great Dictator                                                                            (ENG)
Blood Diamond                                                                                 (ENG)
3 Kings                                                                                                (ENG)
Three Musketeers                                                                             (ENG)
Oceans 12                                                                                          (ENG)
Pearl Harbour                                                                                    (ENG)
The Island                                                                                           (ENG)
Who Am I                                                                                           (ENG/Chinese)
Pursuit Of Happiness                                                                        (ENG)
Braveheart                                                                                         (ENG)
Flight Of The Phoenix                                                                       (ENG)
Shawshank Redemption                                                                  (ENG)
The Mummy                                                                                      (ENG)
City Lights                                                                                          (ENG)
Sling Blade                                                                                         (ENG)
Letters From Iwo Juma                                                                     (ENG/Japanese)
U-571                                                                                                 (ENG)
We Were Soldiers                                                                             (ENG)
Sleepless In Seattle                                                                           (ENG)
Pitch Black                                                                                         (ENG)
The Number 23                                                                                 (ENG)
Apocalypto                                                                                        (ENG)
Rescue Dawn                                                                                     (ENG)
The Patriot                                                                                         (ENG)
Django                                                                                                (ENG/Mexican)
Armageddon                                                                                      (ENG)

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Old 11-14-2011
One comment: the thread is titled "What is your favourite movie at the moment?" Smilie

The last film I watched was the new Planet of the Apes one. It was much better than I expected too.
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Old 11-14-2011
"CAST AWAY" its my all time favourite....
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Old 01-07-2012
old movie - matrix, the best movie, awesome.
new movie - Shutter Island, not very new, but very good film.
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Old 01-30-2012
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain aka The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, 2001

hehe i am a sucker for romance
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Old 01-30-2012
is it a french movie...?
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