What does "Eris Free" means, from the acronym EFNET

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Old 06-13-2011
What does "Eris Free" means, from the acronym EFNET

Ok so I have searched google pretty exstensively to find this out, no luck so far . . .

Basically I wanted to know what "Eris Free" means, from the acronym EFNET.

I was thinking that Eris is generally to do with discordianism, but have so far only found it as a reference to eris.berkeley.edu... just figured there would be more to it than that.. maybe.

Not even sure why I am that interested in finding this out, i'm not even into discordianism or anything like that.

Anyway, if anyone knows it would be good to find out.

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Old 06-13-2011
Read this
Initially, most IRC servers formed a single IRC network, to which new servers could join without restriction, but this was soon abused by people who set up servers to sabotage other users, channels, or servers. In August 1990, the server eris.berkeley.edu remained the only one to allow anyone to connect to the servers.[2]

A group of IRC server operators, with the support of Jarkko Oikarinen, introduced a new "Q-line" into their server configurations, to "quarantine" themselves away from eris by disconnecting from any subset of the IRC network as soon as they saw eris there.[3][4]

For a few days, the entire IRC network suffered frequent netsplits, but eventually the majority of servers added the Q-line and effectively created a new separate IRC net called EFnet (Eris-Free Network); the remaining servers who stayed connected to eris (and thus were no longer able to connect to EFnet servers) were called A-net (Anarchy Network). A-net soon vanished, leaving EFnet as the only IRC network.
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Old 06-13-2011
Ahh nah I got that bit, obviously went to wikipedia as first point of call hehe Smilie

I wanted to know if there was any link between Eris-Free/eris.berkeley.edu and discordianism.

It's a weird question I know..
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