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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #453
Difficulty: Easy
The TiVo digital video recorder is based on the Linux kernel and GNU software.
True or False?

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please (1 Reply)
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Where do barcode fonts go (Oracle reports)

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DOM(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						  DOM(3pm)

XML::Generator::DOM - XML::Generator subclass for producing DOM trees instead of strings. SYNOPSIS
use XML::Generator::DOM; my $dg = XML::Generator::DOM->new(); my $doc = $dg->xml($dg->xmlcmnt("Test document."), $dg->foo({'baz' => 'bam'}, 42)); print $doc->toString; yields: <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <!--Test document--> <foo baz="bam">42</foo> DESCRIPTION
XML::Generator::DOM subclasses XML::Generator in order to produce DOM trees instead of strings (see XML::Generator and XML::DOM). This module is still experimental and its semantics might change. Essentially, tag methods return XML::DOM::DocumentFragment objects, constructed either from a DOM document passed into the constructor or a default document that XML::Generator::DOM will automatically construct. Calling the xml() method will return this automatically constructed document and cause a fresh one to be constructed for future tag method calls. If you passed in your own document, you may not call the xml() method. Below, we just note the remaining differences in semantics between XML::Generator methods and XML::Generator::DOM methods. CONSTRUCTOR
These configuration options are accepted but have no effect on the semantics of the returned object: escape, pretty, conformance and empty. TAG METHODS
Subsequently, tag method semantics are somewhat different for this module compared to XML::Generator. The primary difference is that tag method return XML::DOM::DocumentFragment objects. Namespace and attribute processing remains the same, but remaining arguments to tag methods must either be text or other XML::DOM::DocumentFragment objects. No escape processing, syntax checking, or output control is done; this is all left up to XML::DOM. SPECIAL TAGS
All special tags are available by default with XML::Generator::DOM; you don't need to use 'conformance' => 'strict'. xmlpi(@args) Arguments will simply be concatenated and passed as the data to the XML::DOM::ProcessingInstruction object that is returned. xmlcmnt Escaping of '--' is done by XML::DOM::Comment, which replaces both hyphens with '&#45;'. An XML::DOM::Comment object is returned. xmldecl Returns an XML::DOM::XMLDecl object. Respects 'version', 'encoding' and 'dtd' settings in the object. xmldecl Returns an XML::DOM::DocumentType object. xmlcdata Returns an XML::DOM::CDATASection object. xml As described above, xml() can only be used when dom_document was not set in the object. The automatically created document will have its XML Declaration set and the arguments to xml() will be appended to it. Then a new DOM document is automatically generated and the old one is returned. This is the only way to get a DOM document from this module. perl v5.12.4 2004-03-23 DOM(3pm)

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