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Whats Behind Your Name?

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Whats Behind Your Name?
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Old 07-31-2004
Whats Behind Your Name?

Looking at the member list, there are alot of interesting names, some unique, some bizarre, and some that are just plain. How did you come by your name? Why did you choose your label?

Me? Well, I wish I could change mine. I chose Google because thats how I stumbled upon this site. I wasn't sure if this was a site I wanted to register with so I didnt use a meaningful name since I was sure I wouldnt be back!! As it turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong. I now have unix.com as my homepage and there are very few days that I dont actually learn something new from what I've read. For that I say Thank You to each and every member that has contributed to this forum!

Anyway, whats your story?
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Old 08-01-2004
Well, mine I guess is sadly one of the plain ones.

It was given to me at birth so that limited my options later on.

I didn't think either that I'd frequent the site as much as I do; had I, I might have used a differnt label.

unix.com is a great site and we are all better for it.
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Old 08-01-2004
i am very interested in germanic and scandinavian culture.
# 4  
Old 08-01-2004
i just used it 'cause og GNU and Nerd , hence gnerd
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Old 08-01-2004
Mine is a collection of random names...I used to imitate Al Mcafee from "In Living Color" (you know the guy with the limp and the megaphone).
Then I saw Austin Powers and thought it was amusing how he said "danger is my middle name. no, it really is". So I picked up danger.

I went to sign up for a service on a web site (can't remember which) and dangeral was already taken, so I took dangral..

But that was about seven years ago when I was a senior in high school. Like, many others I don't think the name is so cool anymore. It just easy to remember.
# 6  
Old 08-02-2004
Used this one when my original account stopped working - and RTFM was already taken at that time.

A big Thanks to Neo for setting up and running this site.
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Old 08-02-2004
My name means: always faithful
Its an abbreviation of the Latin phrase Semper Fidelis

basically i got it coz it was said in a game (Metal Gear Solid 2 i think :s ), it's just kinda stuck since then!

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