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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Whats Behind Your Name?
# 43  
Old 05-24-2005
I am a garbage.
And not only a garbage, but the king of the garbage aka GarbageKing.
# 44  
Old 06-06-2005
Mine comes from one of a pair of robots I worked on, they were called reborg and zebo and as a result myself and colleague on the project became known as reborg and zebo after the robot whith which each of us worked on most, and it just stuck.
# 45  
Old 06-08-2005
Computer rfmurphy_6

My name is Ralph F. Murphy and it was taken all the way out to rfmurphy_6.

There are rfmurphy_1 thru rfmurphy_5 and I am the sixth. Smilie

I couldn't beleive it either at first I was pretty Smilie

now I'm Smilie There are more of me out there some where. Smilie
# 46  
Old 06-20-2005
Mine is from one of my favourite author named Italo Calvino from Italy. QFWFQ is the name of the main character in a book called COSMICOMIC... excellent, you should read it.
# 47  
Old 06-22-2005
well Pai is my last name . and D is first Initial ..
THat was my nick in school
# 48  
Old 06-23-2005
Computer Obvious

I would think my nick would be obvious.

# 49  
Old 06-25-2005
I am a car guy, and into racing. Years ago I bought a 1998 Camaro Z28 that had a somewhat special option called "1LE". I registered on a several Internet message boards with this name, and even though I sold the car 3 years ago, I still use this screen name.
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