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So... What are you listening to?

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? So... What are you listening to?
# 22  
Old 06-27-2004
good old C64 music Smilie
# 23  
Old 06-28-2004
I just went to the KISS concert in Somerset WI this weekend. Amazing!

BUT, the part that is most relevant to a tech forum like this is they had a new thing I'd never seen before. A company called Instant Live was there. They sell a voucher for $25 at the show. After the concert you line up near their trailer and pick up your copy of that very concert! The sound quality is very good - not quite as good as a store bought CD but vastly better than any bootleg I've ever heard. And it was only about 20 minutes from the end of the show till I got my double CD of the concert.

They were bringing out boxes of about 50 CDs ever 5 minutes or so. They must have a pretty decent CD duplicating machine to get them to us that fast. The packaging was not bad either. It wasn't quite professional record label quality, but the cover had pictures in full color and the CDs had real labels not just printing on the silver disc. I was extremely impressed with the whole thing.
# 24  
Old 06-29-2004
rhfrommn that is deffinetly cool i heard bands are starting to do that now.

i believe the company gets a feed off of the sound board so its should be better then anything else out there.

misc fact:

KISS - Hot in the Shade Tour was the first concert i ever went to. i was like 13 or something.

faster pussycat and slaughter opened for them.
# 25  
Old 09-10-2004
[16:07:13 - freeman@amd music]#ls
Ace Frehley
Andi Deris
At Vance
Black Sabbath
Blind Guardian
David Coverdale & Jimmy Page
Deep Purple
Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones
Gamma Ray
Gase Sector
George Harrison
Grave Digger
Guns n' Roses
Hammer Fall
Iron Maidon
Iron Savior
Izzy Stradlin
Jesus Christ Superstar
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Jimmy Page & The Firm
Jimmy Page & Yardbirds
John Lennon
Judas Priest
Led Zeppelin
Metal Church
Michael Kiske
Mob Rules
Peter Criss
Pink Floyd
Robert Plant
Roland Grapow
Slash's Snakepit
The Cure
The Honey Drippers
Uriah Heep
Vanessa Mae
Virgin Steele
index.dml? %2Fopera-7.54-20040803.1-static-qt.i386.freebsd-en.tar.gz
[16:07:14 - freeman@amd music]#
# 26  
Old 09-19-2004
CPU & Memory

I prefer Chinese traditional music.
# 27  
Old 10-04-2004
PomaH 6yxDAK: Diamanda Galas
YES! The Sporting Life is amazing. She has one other album I
really like, "The Singer". And everything else is rather...
unlistenable. Impressive, but... (I saw her performe once,
doing similar material to "The Singer". Incredible.)
Given the rest of your list, I bet you'd really like "High on Fire".
Have you heard them? Sort of sped-up early Sabbath.
I mostly listen to artsy post-hardcore - The Locust, Melt-Banana,
Lightning Bolt, The Flying Luttenbachers, etc.
Actually, I listen to a bit of music from just about every
decade and every genre, but that's the current stuff I'm
excited about.
For older music, my favourites would be: Alice Cooper, Black
Sabbath, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, X-Ray Spex, Voidoids,
Bowie, Nina Hagen, Dead Boys, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, etc.
# 28  
Old 10-04-2004
Allman Brothers were great in concert last week.

I'm heading for two Government Mule events in a few weeks ... Smilie

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