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Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?

View Poll Results: Will You Get Jabbed with the A(H1N1) Vaccine? (If Available!)
No Way! 24 51.06%
Yes! Absolutely! 14 29.79%
I'm Scared and Confused!! (Not Sure!) 5 10.64%
I've already caught H1N1! (Immune Now!) 4 8.51%
Voters: 47. This poll is closed

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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Will You Get the A(H1N1) Vaccine?
# 22  
Old 11-30-2009
Up until today, I would have said 'No', as it's not really any more dangerous than the regular flu. But since my company announced today that they will pay for vaccination, I'll take that offer Smilie
# 23  
Old 12-22-2009
i've taken homeopathic preventive medicine and know many people who also have
# 24  
Old 12-22-2009
Originally Posted by Yogesh Sawant
i've taken homeopathic preventive medicine and know many people who also have
must...try...not to...criticise...decision.
# 25  
Old 12-24-2009
Originally Posted by frustin
must...try...not to...criticise...decision.
For something like this where the disease is not that serious and our immune systems are potentially capable of fighting it off with a little assistance, I'm actually quite intrigued by the idea of a homeopathic approach to this.

90% of the time I like to deal with my body not behaving by using hard sciency-sounding drugs, but in this case you get a leg-up in the defence without all the negatives of the vaccine (and there's a number of them).
# 26  
Old 12-24-2009
few hundred years ago, you'd be burnt at the stake for even mentioning "homeopathic". Sounds like witchcraft. yar!
# 27  
Old 12-24-2009
Originally Posted by frustin
Homeopathic and herbal strategies are great for the prevention of diseases which do not have safe and effective vaccines.

However, for H1N1, the vaccine is completely safe and very cost effective.

So, in my opinion (and I am a big fan of natural treatments), it is much better to have your body injected with a very safe attenuated vaccine that causes your body to create very powerful and not dangerous antibodies, creating a real army with only one purpose, protect you from the H1N1 virus.

There are zero downsides to this strategy (the injected vaccine) and it works very well. It is also cost effective, completely safe (unless you are allergic to eggs).

So, in the case of H1N1, homeopathic methods are like fighting a powerful adversary with bows and arrows when, for the same money or less, you can fight the same enemy with a complete and powerful, proven defensive shield (like the shields on the Starship Enterprise!).

Of course, you can still enjoy boosting your immune system with natural, herbal, traditional, oriental, and homeopathic campaigns and treatments; but that should never overshadow getting a proven, safe and cost-effective vaccine to prevent a virus that, if you get it, you not only place yourself at risk, but those around you.

Modern, safe vaccines are a modern miracle of science! Just DO IT, if you can! It helps all society when its members are properly vaccinated!!!
# 28  
Old 12-24-2009
Over here all children older than 6 months and up to a certain age are vaccinated and people with lower resistance and pregnant women. In families with a baby up to 6 months all family member get a vaccine. The adult healthy population should not not need a vaccine.

On homeopathy there is an interesting BBC documentary. Richard Dawkins also has an interesting take on this:

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