Unix and Linux Product Reviews

View Poll Results: Are you Interested in Unix and Linux Product Reviews?
Yes, but I would only like to read product reviews, not write them! 9 37.50%
Yes, I would be happy to occasionally write a product review. 8 33.33%
No, product reviews are not appropriate for this site. 4 16.67%
Yes, I would be happy to write many product reviews! 3 12.50%
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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Unix and Linux Product Reviews
# 1  
Old 10-13-2009
Unix and Linux Product Reviews

Do you think it would be useful to have a section where members review products?

Please vote and comment Smilie

# 2  
Old 10-13-2009
Generally: yes

BUT with the restriction of having some kind of review before it's published (editor, peer review, ...), so it won't be a collection of "marketings finest".

That, and some guidelines would be needed on what is review-worthy and what isn't (eg. new version of GNU sed vs. a new Linux distribution. What about payware?), what topics should be covered (installation? supported systems? user friendlyness? color scheme?), and how to establish a base-line (a program using language l runs in t seconds... using which algorithm, on which platform, what's the difference to using language y?).

As for organization: how long would those reviews be saved? For n weeks/months/years? Until a new review? Until a new version? Forever?
# 3  
Old 11-26-2009
I think reviews would be helpful for those developing new solutions or procuring new hardware/software. I wish I had been able to find some reviews of a product my org recently bought. I would have chosen a competing product over what we bought in a heartbeat after using it and comparing it to similar products I have used.
# 4  
Old 11-26-2009
Thanks. We need more votes and discussions on this topic.

Please contribute!
# 5  
Old 11-30-2009
I would definitely like to read the product reviews, with respect to writing a brand new product review, I don't think I have got the required expertise to do that. May be seeing couple of reviews from others I might start gaining confidence and knowledge to do one. Anyway my vote with respect to read/write product reviews is Smilie
# 6  
Old 11-30-2009
I just wrote my first mini review:

# 7  
Old 11-30-2009
I'm concerned about the turnover rate. How long is a review going to stay relevant?
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