Middle ware application in Solaris

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Old 04-10-2009
Middle ware application in Solaris

Hi Friends
I need ur suggestions. I have 3+ experience in solaris10. Iam planning for study Web sphere in UNIX. Is this the right choice can i do that. how is the market value for WEBSPHERE.

Waiting for the replys
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gluSphere - draw a sphere C SPECIFICATION
void gluSphere( GLUquadric* quad, GLdouble radius, GLint slices, GLint stacks ) PARAMETERS
quad Specifies the quadrics object (created with gluNewQuadric). radius Specifies the radius of the sphere. slices Specifies the number of subdivisions around the z axis (similar to lines of longitude). stacks Specifies the number of subdivisions along the z axis (similar to lines of latitude). DESCRIPTION
gluSphere draws a sphere of the given radius centered around the origin. The sphere is subdivided around the z axis into slices and along the z axis into stacks (similar to lines of longitude and latitude). If the orientation is set to GLU_OUTSIDE (with gluQuadricOrientation), then any normals generated point away from the center of the sphere. Otherwise, they point toward the center of the sphere. If texturing is turned on (with gluQuadricTexture), then texture coordinates are generated so that t ranges from 0.0 at z=-radius to 1.0 at z=radius (t increases linearly along longitudinal lines), and s ranges from 0.0 at the +y axis, to 0.25 at the +x axis, to 0.5 at the -y axis, to 0.75 at the -x axis, and back to 1.0 at the +y axis. SEE ALSO
gluCylinder(3G), gluDisk(3G), gluNewQuadric(3G), gluPartialDisk(3G), gluQuadricOrientation(3G), gluQuadricTexture(3G) GLUSPHERE(3G)

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