What is Your Favorite Web Browser?

View Poll Results: My Favorite (Current) Web Browser Is .... ??
Mozilla FireFox 85 64.39%
Chrome 21 15.91%
Opera 16 12.12%
Internet Explorer (IE) 5 3.79%
Safari 4 3.03%
Other (Specify Below) 1 0.76%
Voters: 132. This poll is closed

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# 8  
For what it's worth, Firefox embraces and extends the use of the location bar as a general input to search engines etc. The little Google box next to the location box is basically redundant. In FF3 they call it the "awesome bar"; whoever came up with that term should be forced to work in marketing.
# 9  
Originally Posted by bakunin
In this case i will cast a vote for Firefox, because if i ever have to switch browsers i will probably use Firefox and see how much i can make it look and behave like Mozilla.
You may try SeaMonkey too:

Under the hood, SeaMonkey uses much of the same Mozilla source code which powers such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird and Miro. Legal backing is provided by the Mozilla Foundation.
My vote is for Firefox.
# 10  
My vote is for FF Smilie

Am just against its memory usage. At the end, you don't get anything for free Smilie
# 11  
Firefox 3, because of 'tabbed browsing' and hassle free plugins, such as 'Speed Dial' and Gmail Manager.

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# 12  
Firefox - It still has some memory problems but its the best for security IMO.
# 13  
The evolution of the experience...

I cut my teeth with lynx back in '92. I clearly remember stumbling across ncsa mosaic (and hating trumpet winsock) in late '93. In 1994 I must have tried a good (bad) dozen "next great thing" browsers before settling on Netscape.

Firefox is my poison these days. It behaves pretty consistently across systems, and aside from a handful of Windows specific client application requirements, serves me fine.
# 14  
You forgot 'telnet' Smilie
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