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Quick Fix for Google Search Console "Page is not mobile friendly"

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Quick Fix for Google Search Console "Page is not mobile friendly"

Over the past 10 plus years, we have countless posts where the user did not use CODE tags or they used ICODE tags incorrectly.

This has has the results of this site penalized by Google for having pages which are "not mobile friendly".

So, working quietly in the background, in the thankless task of adding CODE tags and correcting ICODE tags in countless posts, I have created a solutions which works.

Basically, since I had already converted each post to use DIV elements versus the original TABLE elements, I just added this simple CSS to the wrapper DIV element for each post body text:


This is the same overflow attribute we use in CODE tags; but by applying it to the body of the post DIV wrapper, this causes Google Search Console to report all these pages now:

"Page is mobile friendly"

Hopefully, the problem is solved forever. Let's see.
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