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Vue.js component: Beautiful code highlighter

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Old 05-04-2019
Vue.js component: Beautiful code highlighter

Sooner than later I will render forum discussions in Vue.js to complement the standard way of showing forum threads.

Today, I ran across this component, vue-code-highlight

Beautiful code syntax highlighting as Vue.js component.



npm install vue-code-highlight --save

We can use this module in two different ways, as a component or as a directive.


//We have to extract the component from the module
import { component as VueCodeHighlight } from 'vue-code-highlight';



 //Paste code and output snippets here

Window styles are already present in a component mode, but we will need to select and include a theme to properly highlight code. (See the themes section.)


In the main file:

import VueCodeHighlight from 'vue-code-highlight';

Vue.use(VueCodeHighlight) //registers the v-highlight directive

And then in any Vue component:

<div v-highlight >


All markup under the div element having the following structure will be syntax highlighted.

<pre class="language-javascript">
    //your code goes here


To give the highlighter a window look in a directive mode, include the ./node_modules/vue-code-highlight/themes/window.css file somewhere in the app.


In order to visually highlight code, we need to select a theme from ./node_modules/vue-code-highlight/themes/ and import it somewhere into the component/application.

Reference: vue-code-highlight - npm

GitHub: GitHub - elisiondesign/vue-code-highlight: Beautiful code highlighter as Vue.js component.
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Old 05-05-2019
Also, this is a possibility:

GitHub Highlight.js

Highlight.js is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript. It works in the browser as well as on the server. It works with pretty much any markup, doesn't depend on any framework, and has automatic language detection.

Reference: Web Page: highlight.js

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