Google Trends: react.js angular.js vue.js

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Google Trends: react.js angular.js vue.js

While I'm on the subject of Google trends, here is a global trend since 2004 comparing react.js, angular.js, vue.js

It's no secret I'm a vue.js fan and coder, but not because of the trend line (which I just saw for the first time a few minutes ago) My experience is that vue.js, a late arrival in the JS web framework space, takes the best of react.js and angular.js and does it better and cleaner. The learning curve is much less and it's really fun and easy when you get the hang of it. Seems web developers agree, according to this Google trend:


.... and the same react.js, angular.js, vue.js trend over the past five years, clearly shows the interest in vue.js outpacing angular.js and react.js

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