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Today, I'm back in a tech session with PubSub about loading message history when someone starts the session / joins the page.

..... and so when I console log time, I can see that the channel saves all the prior history after the pages is loaded or reloaded; but if I reload the page, the history is not loaded from the server, as if the PubNub Storage API is not persistent across sessions, because the expected behavior is when someone opens their app and this page, they will see the chat / message history on that channel; so there seems to be no "autoload' really happening when the session starts.

I have just console logged the above, and of course the this.ch1 array grows with each message, but that information is gone when the page is reloaded, so there is really no history at all coming from the PubSub API when someone joins the channel. The only "history" is in a session which has already started, and this is not useful at all, because we need for users to see the message history on the channel when they first join the channel.
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UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7514

I was able to get message history working within a vue-pubnub project sans any help from PubNub.

Basically, message / chat history is working in version 0.7514


Now, I need to write some hybrid code to show the number of members in the chat, their names, etc. and add more features.

The PubNub folks said doing this in Vue.js is "pioneering" work and few have done it; so I guess after months at it, I'm finally getting caught up to the state-of-the-art (or getting closer),
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I'm moving on to another thread on this topic.



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Neo - thanks for working with us at PubNub Support. We are actively working on updating the Vue SDK Docs with at least an "OUTDATED" message in the short term and long term, a new Vue SDK that lives up to the JavaScript SDK. Not sure how that Vue SDK got released in that condition but again, thanks for vetting it and reporting back to us.

We'll (SDK engineer manager and I) be in touch with more very soon.
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