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# 8  
OK. UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7496


I mistakenly thought (or was at least hoping) when someone joins a chatroom using PubNub that they would get the prior messages, but they don't. I guess that makes since, but I need to look into this a bit further.

Also, need to look creating a lobby function which shows all users connected to the chatroom, etc. Well, it's a start and it "kinds works" but needs a lot more features to be useful. At least the basic pub-sub is working, that's a start.

# 9  

For some reason, I cannot the presence to work in the vue-pubnub API.


There is no error, but it returns nothing and no status to check.

Opened a ticket with PubNub support.
# 10  
Great. Slowing debugging some of the features of vue-pubnub.

Today I'm working with PubNub tech support trying to get the presence and history to work:


Ref: UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7502
# 11  
Seems chat is kinda working ok, but need a lot of work:

# 12  
UserCP Screeching Frog 0.7506

Here is my current Vue.js component for this chat I'm working on at the moment.

Still needs a lot of work, for example it's a good idea to announce when someone visits the page (join), etc. I'm still trying to understand the PubNub vue-pubnub APIs.

  <div class="d-flex justify-content-around flex-wrap room">
    <div class="col-md-12 box">
      <div class="neo-chat-title" v-if="this.occupancy">People in Chat Room : {{ this.occupancy }}</div>
      <VueSteamChat :messages="chatsub" @vue-steam-chat-on-message="onNewMessage"/>
    <div>Reload this page if you do not see the chat window.</div>

import Vue from "vue";
import VueSteamChat from "vue-steam-chat";
import PubNubVue from "pubnub-vue";

Vue.use(PubNubVue, {
  subscribeKey: "secret-sub-key",
  publishKey: "secret-pub-key",
  //  logVerbosity: true,
  uuid: window.vbusername

export default {
  name: "vue-steam-chat",
  components: {

  computed: {
    uuid() {
      if (this.$store.state.chatname) return this.$store.state.chatname;
      else return "Guest " +;
    chatsub() {
      if (this.ch1.length > 0) {
        this.text.push(this.ch1[this.ch1.length - 1].message);
        return this.text;
      } else return this.text;
  data() {
    return {
      history: null,
      occupancy: 0,
      initdone: 0,
      status: 0,
      ch1: this.$pnGetMessage("ch1"),
      // ch1: this.$pnGetMessage('ch1', null, 10),
      text: [
          time: 1506117496,
          username: "Gaben",
          text: "Chat initialized ..."
          time: 1506117500,
          username: "Solo",
          text: "So, say something !!"
          time: 1506117530,
          username: "Neo",
          text: "Hmmm ..."
  methods: {
    init() {
      var initchat = this.$pnGetMessage("ch1");
      if (initchat.length > 0 && this.initdone == 0) {
        this.initdone = 1;
    presence(ps) {
      this.occupancy = ps.occupancy;
      console.log("neo ps: " + JSON.stringify(ps));
    onNewMessage(message) {
      let m = {
        time: / 1000,
        username: this.uuid,
        text: message
          sendByPost: true,
          channel: "ch1",
          message: m
        function(status, response) {
          if (status.error) {
            // handle error
          } else {
            console.log("message Published w/ timetoken", response.timetoken);
  beforeCreate() {
      channels: ["ch1"],
      //autoload: 10,
      withPresence: true
  mounted() {
    this.$pnGetPresence("ch1", this.presence);
    $(function() {
      var input = document.getElementsByClassName("vue-steam-chat__textarea");
      var button = document.getElementsByClassName("vue-steam-chat__button");
      input[0].addEventListener("keyup", function(event) {
        if (event.keyCode === 13) {
<style scoped>
.box {
  height: 500px;
  margin: 20px;
.neo-chat-title {
  color: slategray;
  font-size: 1.2em;
  text-align: center;
  margin: 10px;
.room {
  margin-bottom: 20px;

# 13  
I have having numerous issues with PubNub's API, documentation (lack of it), very slow web site response and poorly designed user admin area.

I may take a break and retool this new chat feature using a different library, for example:

Frankly, I'm disappointed with PubNub after working with it for a number of days, as well as working with their technical support team most of today.

So, I think I'll look for a different JS lib for pub-sub before going any further with PubNub.
# 14  
After looking at for pub sub, I think I'll give PubNub another try.

Currently I am experiencing two problems with PubNub:
  • Race condition which makes presence work inconsistently. This effects how we see who is online and available to participate in chats, for example. I worked with PubNub tech support and they concluded they had a race condition causing the problem.
  • Message history is not working with PubNub. When we reload a page, we do not see any messages prior to the reload of the page. I have asked PubNub to work with me on fixing this issue and putting the above issue on hold for a while.

Also, there is another problem with PubNub related to Vue.js:
  • When we navigate to the page (in this case a chat page), sometimes we need to reload the page (Command R) for the page to render.

This a a minor issue I think I can fix when and if I get PubNub presence and history to work.
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