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Mod_rewrite to handle paths ?

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Mod_rewrite to handle paths ?

I hope someone can help. I somewhat know what a mod_rewrite does which is URL rewiring. What I don't know is how to make the mod_rewrite to handle paths ?
Can this be why an AngularJS file is not being loaded ?
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Normally web developers do not use mod_rewrite for routes in SPA web apps built on AngularJS, React or VueJS. They use Javascript libs like express.js or some other routing package for managing SPA routes
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Do the two tie in together ?
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We do not use mod_rewrite for SPA - style web apps.

The routes in an SPA web site is considered a single page, not multiple pages; and the routing is performed internally within the SPA using Javascript.

Express.js is a popular routing package, but there are others.
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I'm trying to run an app on my server, but that app requires access to a Angular.js file. Therefore, could it be because my mod_rewrite files is not setup to handle paths, that the Angular.js file cannot be access, causing the app not to load properly ?
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No, it is not a mod_rewrite function when your web server cannot find the Angular.js library.

Your app cannot find Angular.js because you have not configured your app properly.

Did you build the app using node.js?

Or did you build the app without using node.js?

Please post your index.html file in your app (wrapped in CODE tags).

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I never built the app, someone else did; I only am trying to get it installed and that is what the author informed me is the problem.

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