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Optimizing JS and CSS

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Originally Posted by Neo
Thanks Akshay,

Honestly, I know how to minimize, combine and deploy Javascript and CSS Smilie

I deploy CSS and JS daily.

What is important is writing code.

No one has complained in the last year (not a single person) that was "slow to load"... and I live and work 12 time zones away from the server and it loads very fast for me.

So, we all spend time on what is important and if I had nothing better to do, I would minimize more code.

Believe me, I have way too much to do to worry about something that is NOT a problem today and into 2019.

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When I get finished with this "major" UserCP renovation project, if I have time, we can work on optimizing some JS and CSS to shave a few ms off the load time. Since I'm the only coder developing for the site; I have to prioritize tasks and projects.

Thanks again for your idea about optimizing JS and CSS, Akshay!

Great to see you here again. Hope you will be active and be a part of the team again!
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