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Sneak Preview: New UNIX.COM UserCP VueJS Demo

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Old 02-13-2019
Sneak Preview: New UNIX.COM UserCP VueJS Demo


Now that I'm caught-up on a number of forum tasks, I can turn my attention to the next-generation UserCP (and learn VueJS) for the site.

Today I created this (not yet functional) demo using Vue;

What do you think?
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Old 02-13-2019
Quite nice - the visual side of it... Looks cool...
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Old 02-13-2019
Everything is great, only the theme I would change.
I would prefer the controls and the background to be of the same neutral color. For example. The background color of the menu is highlighted unnecessarily. How also buttons and so on. It distracts from the essence. In general, would prefer a smaller color play.
This is just my personal opinion, sorry and thanks.
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Old 02-14-2019
Current working on a switch to toggle light and dark mode, but it's not working yet so I cannot demo.

There is a lot of work to do; so I would not be worried about "colors" very much at this point in time, if I were you Smilie

That is the easy part, LOL

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Old 02-14-2019
OK... I have the Dark / Light mode working in the prototype, thanks to the developer of the Vue.js template I am using to get started; and will upload a new "Sneak Peek" sooner than later and let everyone know.
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Old 02-14-2019

Here are a few pics and a link to Vue Black Dashboard (UserCP) Mockup Prototype V0.02 with the switch for dark and light mode, etc:


You might need to completely quit your browser app and restart it to get the new version to load (due to some caching issue):




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Old 02-14-2019
Update: Version Mockup 0.03

Vue Black Dashboard Mockup v0.03


  • Removed world map (for now) because of "responsive issues" on mobile.
  • Added localStorage() to save "dark / light" mode switch and "sidebar background color selection".
  • Changed link to /cp/ temporarily due to some strange PHP issue.

Code (new SidebarSharePlugin.vue code in red):

import { BaseSwitch } from "src/components";

export default {
  name: "sidebar-share",
  components: {
  props: {
    backgroundColor: String
  data() {
    return {
      sidebarMini: true,
      darkMode: true,
      isOpen: false,
      sidebarColors: [
        { color: "primary", active: false, value: "primary" },
        { color: "vue", active: true, value: "vue" },
        { color: "info", active: false, value: "blue" },
        { color: "success", active: false, value: "green" },
        { color: "warning", active: false, value: "orange" },
        { color: "danger", active: false, value: "red" }
  methods: {
    toggleDropDown() {
      this.isOpen = !this.isOpen;
    closeDropDown() {
      this.isOpen = false;
    toggleList(list, itemToActivate) {
      list.forEach(listItem => { = false;
      }); = true;
    changeSidebarBackground(item) {
      this.$emit("update:backgroundColor", item.value);
      this.toggleList(this.sidebarColors, item);
      localStorage.setItem("sidebarbg", item.value);
    toggleMode(type) {
      let docClasses = document.body.classList;
      if (type) {
        localStorage.setItem("mode", "dark-content");
      } else {
        localStorage.setItem("mode", "white-content");
    minimizeSidebar() {
  mounted() {
    let modeSwitch = document.getElementById("dark-mode");
    if (localStorage.getItem("mode")) {
      if (localStorage.getItem("mode") == "white-content") {
      } else if (localStorage.getItem("mode") == "dark-content") {
    let sidebarBg = document.getElementById("sidebar-bg");
    if (localStorage.getItem("sidebarbg")) {
      this.$emit("update:backgroundColor", localStorage.getItem("sidebarbg"));

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