Sneak Preview: New UNIX.COM UserCP VueJS Demo

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I have closed the "Mockup" and have move the new Vue UserCP to "Prototype" with limited features, as follows:

UserCP Prototype v0.27

  • Hide all "non functioning pages" from everyone but developers (me).
  • Enabled the "forum logout" menu item in the upper right.
  • Added "Future Forum Search Bar" to the search bar menu until I decide how to implement the display (maybe I'll just display in the original forum search page for now.. ? Or created a new page inside the CP?)
  • Get the service workers working Smilie - have not worked on them yet; but will someday Smilie

  • Having some trouble with Vue dynamic vars in the dashboard because that page is very complex and needs to be simplified ("componentized") to debug; so my plans to simply duplicate the system dashboard to a user-specific dashboard is delayed until I figure out the Vue-bug which is causing me hours of grief. I'll figure it out, hopefully sooner than later.

  • Build a user-specific stats dashboard when I get the issue above worked out.
  • Build out the search bar function (when I decide how to want to display the results). I am leaning toward just displaying the search results in the main forums for now (keep it simple in this page).
  • Add another timeline (but have not decided what timeline to add).
  • Add a "more or next" button for in the timelines for users who might want to go back in further than the current 200 item limit (but I may change 200 to 100 to speed up the query and rendering).
  • Start adding UserCP forms to update user profile information (which is the main goal of this new CP, but I got off task because charts and timelines were more fun).


When I get the Vue-bug worked out with getting the user-specific data to work using Axios (AJAX), I can remove the PHP link from the app and go to pure HTML; but until I get the kinks worked out, the link to the CP will still be a PHP link.

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# 37  

Version 0.30

Fixed small bugs:
  • Fixed PHP typo in cp/index.php which caused cp not to render (my bad, sorry).
  • Created workaround for Vue.js Axios not working with some dashboard charts (workaround using localStorage as an intermediate storage proxy).
  • Created some new "developer only" hooks in the Vue.js code.

My apologizes if you tried to access the prototype CP while I was asleep and you got a blank page. I had to sleep and my eyes were tired and I could not find the PHP bug, which turned out to be a single right curly brace } instead of the correct right parens ),

It's amazing in PHP how a single type can break an entire application. At least with node.js and building the app locally, it has compile first, so we can catch errors easily during the dev stage on the desktop.

But anyway, it was my fault, because normally I always cut-and-paste (from vi) into VSC to check the PHP syntax before saving or deploying, and I missed that step on a very small change and the results were I broke the new cp for a few hours. Sorry!
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