A Simple Way to Set Meta Tags Using Vue.js

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Old 11-04-2018
A Simple Way to Set Meta Tags Using Vue.js

Did a lot of searching on the net and found a lot of tricky ways and Vue.js libs to set meta tags, but I wanted sometime simpler.

So, given this standard HTML:

  <title>Page Title</title>
  <meta name="description" content="Page Description">
  <meta name="keywords" content="Page Keywords (Now Obsolete)"> 

I originally used jQuery to change these header tags as follows:

$(document).ready(function() {
  $("title").text("Page Title with jQuery");
  $('meta[name="description"]').attr("content","Page Description with jQuery");
  $('meta[name="keywords"]').attr("content", "Page  Keywords (Obsolete) with jQuery");

But then I used Vue.js to do the same.

Here is the HTML:

   <meta name="description" :content="desc">
   <meta name="keywords" :content="keywords"> 
   <script src="/neovue/js/neoheadvue.js"></script>

And the Vue.js code:

var title = new Vue({
  el: "title",
  data: {
    title: "Page Title with Vue.js"
var meta_desc = new Vue({
  el: 'meta[name="description"]',
  data: {
    desc: "Page Description with Vue.js"
var meta_keywords = new Vue({
  el: 'meta[name="keywords"]',
  data: {
    keywords: "My Obsolete Keywords with Vue.js"

So, you can see that Vue.js can be used like jQuery to easily bind to elements in the header of an HTML file using jQuery type selectors.

This is a very simply example but since I could not find this example on the net, I posted it here.

I tried combining multiple elements (el:) in one new Vue() instance but I could not get it to work as expected; so I assume that only one element could be "binded or bound" in a single Vue directive; but will need to confirm this later.

So, after thinking about this, I simplified my Vue.js code to select the <head> element for the Vue instance:

var vm = new Vue({
  el: "head",
  data: {
    title: "Vue.js - The UNIX and Linux Forums",
    desc: "My Vue.js - The UNIX and Linux Forums",
    keywords: "My (Obsolete) Keywords"

I've been slow to learn new Javascript web development frameworks over the years (my bad).

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