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Creating a Simple Linux Dashboard with Oracle Jet

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The development code in this discussion has been retired in favor of a dashboard based on Vue.js.

For more information, please refer to this discussion:

Server Dashboard to Move to UserCP Using EasyPieChart.js

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oci_set_module_name - Sets the module name

bool oci_set_module_name (resource $connection, string $module_name) DESCRIPTION
Sets the module name for Oracle tracing. The module name is registered with the database when the next 'roundtrip' from PHP to the database occurs, typically when an SQL statement is executed. The name can subsequently be queried from database administration views such as V$SESSION. It can be used for tracing and monitoring such as with V$SQLAREA and DBMS_MONITOR.SERV_MOD_ACT_STAT_ENABLE. The value may be retained across persistent connections. PARAMETERS
o $connection -An Oracle connection identifier, returned by oci_connect(3), oci_pconnect(3), or oci_new_connect(3). o $module_name - User chosen string up to 48 bytes long. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. NOTES
Note Oracle version requirement This function is available when PHP is linked with Oracle Database libraries from version 10 g onwards. Tip Performance With older versions of OCI8 or the Oracle Database, the client information can be set using the Oracle DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO pack- age. This is less efficient than using oci_set_client_info(3). Caution Roundtrip Gotcha Some but not all OCI8 functions cause roundtrips. Roundtrips to the database may not occur with queries when result caching is enabled. EXAMPLES
Example #1 Setting the module name <?php $c = oci_connect('hr', 'welcome', 'localhost/XE'); // Record the module oci_set_module_name($c, 'Home Page'); // Code that causes a roundtrip, for example a query: $s = oci_parse($c, 'select * from dual'); oci_execute($s); oci_fetch_all($s, $res); sleep(30); ?> // While the script is running, the administrator can see the // modules in use: sqlplus system/welcome SQL> select module from v$session; SEE ALSO
oci_set_action(3), oci_set_client_info(3), oci_set_client_identifier(3). PHP Documentation Group OCI_SET_MODULE_NAME(3)

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