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Need help on Apache configuration for redirecting URLS

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Top Forums Web Development Need help on Apache configuration for redirecting URLS
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Old 02-08-2016
Need help on Apache configuration for redirecting URLS

I am extremely new to Apache httpd configuration. Can you please help here below is my requirement.

If the URL match existing resource - return resource.
If the URL doesn't match existing resource it should return index.html from the app root directory.
Apps root directories are:

HTML Code:
1. /rcenter/custom/aws/apps/dashboard/
2. /rcenter/custom/aws/apps/analytics/
3. /rcenter/custom/aws/apps/docs/

(Basically each directory directly after /rcenter/custom/aws/apps/)

I tried to do in this way but this is not helping here.

HTML Code:
RewriteRule ^/rcenter/custom/aws/apps/(.*)/$ 
> https://%{SERVER_NAME}/rcenter/custom/aws/apps/$1/index.html [P]

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GIT-INSTAWEB(1) 						    Git Manual							   GIT-INSTAWEB(1)

git-instaweb - Instantly browse your working repository in gitweb SYNOPSIS
git instaweb [--local] [--httpd=<httpd>] [--port=<port>] [--browser=<browser>] git instaweb [--start] [--stop] [--restart] DESCRIPTION
A simple script to set up gitweb and a web server for browsing the local repository. OPTIONS
-l, --local Only bind the web server to the local IP ( -d, --httpd The HTTP daemon command-line that will be executed. Command-line options may be specified here, and the configuration file will be added at the end of the command-line. Currently apache2, lighttpd, mongoose and webrick are supported. (Default: lighttpd) -m, --module-path The module path (only needed if httpd is Apache). (Default: /usr/lib/apache2/modules) -p, --port The port number to bind the httpd to. (Default: 1234) -b, --browser The web browser that should be used to view the gitweb page. This will be passed to the git web--browse helper script along with the URL of the gitweb instance. See git-web--browse(1) for more information about this. If the script fails, the URL will be printed to stdout. --start Start the httpd instance and exit. This does not generate any of the configuration files for spawning a new instance. --stop Stop the httpd instance and exit. This does not generate any of the configuration files for spawning a new instance, nor does it close the browser. --restart Restart the httpd instance and exit. This does not generate any of the configuration files for spawning a new instance. CONFIGURATION
You may specify configuration in your .git/config .ft C [instaweb] local = true httpd = apache2 -f port = 4321 browser = konqueror modulepath = /usr/lib/apache2/modules .ft If the configuration variable instaweb.browser is not set, web.browser will be used instead if it is defined. See git-web--browse(1) for more information about this. AUTHOR
Written by Eric Wong <[1]> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Eric Wong <[1]>. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite NOTES
1. Git 1.7.1 07/05/2010 GIT-INSTAWEB(1)

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