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Botnet Victims Map

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Old 03-19-2014
Botnet Victims Map

Our site is currently "under abuse" from a botnet which is directing a small subset of internet users (not forum users) to a rarely used full page advertising URL and attempting to redirect the user, via that URL to other web sites. This is a kind of "spam" botnet; using a URL redirection method. This does not effect our regular forum members (except that it does increase the server load average).

Prior to discovery, most of these redirection URLs would result in a blank page (no ad) to the "outside user" because we are not using that ad campaign at the moment. However, after discovery of this botnet, we simply redirected the botnet "victims" to our Facebook page (to move them off the server, decrease server load, and extract some statistics about each botnet node).

Today, I wrote a small program to collect the IP addresses of each node of the botnet and perform some analysis by unique IP and country, etc. After this code runs for a while I will update this thread with these ongoing stats:
  • total ips 3321
  • unique ips 820
  • unique countries 59

When the stats above stabilize a bit (unique IPs do not change often and countries are also "stable"), I will extract the longitude and latitude information for each IP from our geoip database and use the Google Map Engine to display the botnet on a global map.

Stay tuned for the pretty picture of this botnet Smilie

At the end of this posting time:
  • total ips 3780
  • unique ips 862
  • unique countries 60
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Old 03-19-2014
Neo, you are awesome. Smilie

R. Singh
# 3  
Old 03-19-2014
Originally Posted by RavinderSingh13
Neo, you are awesome. Smilie

R. Singh
I know Smilie (Joking)

Thanks for the kind words; it's always nice to hear them Smilie
  • total ips 4111
  • unique ips 903
  • unique countries 62
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Old 03-19-2014
Update on Botnet stats from around two hours ago:
  • total ips 9938
  • unique ips 1415
  • unique countries 76
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Old 03-20-2014
And the botnet keeps getting (tracking) bigger now over 3760 nodes spanning 99 countries and still growing (in our logs):
  • total ips 68725
  • unique ips 3761
  • unique countries 99
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Old 03-20-2014
Here are the first 2750 nodes of this botnet plotted with Google Maps Engine. You can click on the image to go directly to the map:

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Old 03-20-2014
OK, updated our GeoIP database and changed mapping code to plot 4214 botnet nodes:

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