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Old 02-26-2014
Question Php localhost/ directories show ?? ICONS

I have been troubleshooting a couple of problems all day that have to do with this all day. I do not know if you need to know the code I used in php but if you do I will post it.

I hope that you can see the .pngs.

Thanks ahead of time.

Using phpMyAdmin and creating files.... somehow during the day I corrupted something in My Index Tree Structure which is now incorrect - not working.

When I type in the url:

I get the following directory; indexOf.png
But I expect to get 'It works.'

When I click on the folder phpWithAlex (the one I am working within today)
all of the directories have ?? marks as icons; indexOfphpWithAlex.png

note: when i type in the url localhost/~shortname
I still get the expected 'My Site Works'

Sorting this out is important and I appreciate the help.
Php localhost/ directories show ?? ICONS-indexofphpwithalexpng
Php localhost/ directories show ?? ICONS-indexofpng
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Old 02-26-2014
Those attached images are nearly impossible to read.

Please post the relevant information as text with code tags in the forums. Thanks.
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Old 02-27-2014
Thanks. This is holding me up quite a bit. I have searched on line.
I was troubleshooting something using Apache yesterday.
Now my index directory tree is showing ? ? ? ? icons.

url: 301 Moved Permanently
browser window output:
index of /

I click on phpWithAlex.
browser window output:
Index of /phpWithAlex.
? anotherPage.php
? anotherpage2.php
? echo.php
? errorReporting.php
? file.php
? index.php
? index2.php
? names.txt
[DIR] nbproject
? oldIndex.php
? phpFileTree.php
? renamed_index.php
? setSessions.php
? unsetSessions.php
? view.php

The original post has screenshots which are difficult to read but if you zoom in you will be able to see the ??marks to the left of the files.
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