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How would I mod_rewrite "/~a1Pha" and "/=a1Pha" to "/paste/a1Pha.htm"? (internally & externally)

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Top Forums Web Development How would I mod_rewrite "/~a1Pha" and "/=a1Pha" to "/paste/a1Pha.htm"? (internally & externally)
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Old 10-21-2013
How would I mod_rewrite "/~a1Pha" and "/=a1Pha" to "/paste/a1Pha.htm"? (internally & externally)

Basically I want to shorten URLs on my html pasting site (, by using "/~a1Pha" instead of "/paste/a1Pha". The ID is 5 numbers and letters, both cases.

For example:
/~idnum serves /paste/idnum.htm
/=idnum serves /paste/idnum.htm
/paste/idnum redirects to /~idnum (to update any old urls to new ones)

I have mod_rewrite enabled and working.

Edit: Figured it out:
RewriteRule ^~?([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ paste/$1.htm [L]
RewriteRule ^=?([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$ paste/$1.htm [L]

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Jifty::Script::FastCGI(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Jifty::Script::FastCGI(3pm)

Jifty::Script::FastCGI - A FastCGI server for your Jifty application SYNOPSIS
AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi FastCgiServer /path/to/your/jifty/app/bin/jifty -initial-env JIFTY_COMMAND=fastcgi Options: --maxrequests maximum number of requests per process --help brief help message --man full documentation DESCRIPTION
FastCGI entry point for your Jifty application options --maxrequests Set maximum number of requests per process. Read also --man. --help Print a brief help message and exits. --man Prints the manual page and exits. DESCRIPTION
When you're ready to move up to something that can handle the increasing load your new world-changing application is generating, you'll need something a bit heavier-duty than the pure-perl Jifty standalone server. "FastCGI" is what you're looking for. If you have MaxRequests options under FastCGI in your config.yml, or command-line option "--maxrequests=N" assigned, the FastCGI process will exit after serving N requests. SERVER CONFIGURATIONS
Apache + mod_fastcgi # These two lines are FastCGI-specific; skip them to run in vanilla CGI mode AddHandler fastcgi-script fcgi FastCgiServer /path/to/your/jifty/app/bin/jifty -initial-env JIFTY_COMMAND=fastcgi DocumentRoot /path/to/your/jifty/app/share/web/templates ScriptAlias / /path/to/your/jifty/app/bin/jifty/ Apache + mod_fcgid + mod_rewrite An alternative to Apache mod_fastcgi is to use mod_fcgid with mod_rewrite. If you use mod_fcgid and mod_rewrite, you can use this in your Apache configuration instead: DocumentRoot /path/to/your/jifty/app/share/web/templates ScriptAlias /cgi-bin /path/to/your/jifty/app/bin DefaultInitEnv JIFTY_COMMAND fastcgi <Directory /path/to/your/jifty/app/bin> Options ExecCGI SetHandler fcgid-script </Directory> <Directory /path/to/your/jifty/app/share/web/templates> RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^$ index.html [QSA] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /cgi-bin/jifty/$1 [QSA,L] </Directory> It may be possible to do this without using mod_rewrite. Lighttpd (<>) Version 1.4.23 or newer is recommended, and you may adapt this config: server.modules = ( "mod_fastcgi" ) server.document-root = "/path/to/your/jifty/app/share/web/templates" fastcgi.server = ( "/" => ( "your_jifty_app" => ( "socket" => "/tmp/your_jifty_app.socket", "check-local" => "disable", "fix-root-scriptname" => "enable", "bin-path" => "/path/to/your/jifty/app/bin/jifty", "bin-environment" => ( "JIFTY_COMMAND" => "fastcgi" ), "min-procs" => 1, "max-procs" => 5, "max-load-per-proc" => 1, "idle-timeout" => 20, ) ) ) Versions before 1.4.23 will work, but you should read Plack::Handler::FCGI's lighttpd documentation <> for how to configure your server. More information Since this uses Plack::Handler::FCGI, you might also want to read its documentation on webserver configurations <>. METHODS
run Creates a new FastCGI process. perl v5.14.2 2011-01-25 Jifty::Script::FastCGI(3pm)

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