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Web Interface for a database

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RedHat Web Interface for a database

Hi Gents,

What is the best way to create a web interface for mysql database? That I can manage my data for root user and for normal user as well according to their privileges? Assuming that I use Linux as a server and Apache as a web server and my database is mysql.

Thanks in advance
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Have you considered phpMyAdmin? It allows you to administer all aspects of your MySQL databases from a web browser.
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Originally Posted by figaro
There is also mysql benchmark and phpminiadmin. Can you explain what would qualify as "very end user interface"?
I have a small company with 10 data entry employees, each one had his own responsibility which is different with the other's. They don't know how to use SQL at all, that's why I want to create that "End User Interface". I want the values looks like this image (from VMware):Image

Or any other simple interface from for a database.
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That changes the outlook entirely. Have you looked into Content management systems? Most run on MySQL and are open source:
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