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(WHM) Primary Resolver and Nameserver confusion

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Old 07-29-2013
Question (WHM) Primary Resolver and Nameserver confusion


I know generally how the internet works but here I am confused. Every website that I've worked on prior to this had a vendor providing Nameserver services -Meaning that I just pointed my DNS to their server and they do the rest.

Now, I am confused by what the Primary Resolver is supposed to point to. I am supposed to use WHM as a private nameserver but then does the Primary resolver point to itself? That doesn't seem right. Do I have to set this up? Can I remove it?

Say for example I have a website named: and I have two fixed IP addresses reserved for this at and
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Old 07-29-2013
You should not have to worry about it; however, I am not clear if you mean Web Host Manager? Generally a name server answers queries for its defined domains and ask other name servers (root server for example) for things it doesn't know about. Please clarify WHM, is there an option to specify a root server for it?

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