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CGI not working with httpd server on busybox 1.15.0 on ltib Linux 2.6.34 (404 page not found)

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Old 12-05-2012
PHP CGI not working with httpd server on busybox 1.15.0 on ltib Linux 2.6.34 (404 page not found)

I have some industrial ARM linux board with 2.6.34 Linux on it with Busybox

The https.conf is located in /etc/ and contains:


In the www directory I also have 'cgi-bin' folder with chmod 777 and in that folder a file called 'testcgi'.

Now I start the server with
httpd -v

on the target. I can access the index.html by typing the IP of the target from my host. But If I want to execute my cgi script by calling

in the browser I get "404 page not found".

I also tried to put some directives in my https.conf like A:* or /root/web/cgi-
bin:foo:bar but then if I try to run the server in the console I get:

): No such file or directory.

Also if I try to run the script from the sh console with

I get
-sh: ./ not found

or if I do the full path with

I still get "not found"

So I am completely stuck here, need you help please.

Oh and I checked some articles about httpd like:
Using the busybox HTTP server - ChumbyWiki

and they don't tell anything about turning the CGI on,
imlplying the CGI should work on httpd by default.CGI not working with httpd server on busybox 1.15.0 on ltib linux 2.6.34 (404 page not found)
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Old 12-14-2012
One very informative trick is to put an strace on the server and see what it is doing with the request in terms of system calls when you hit it once. If there is a daemon process, you use -p and the pid, else use a wrapper that inetd can call. Heap on the options: -faelo -rall -wall Hopefully, your cgi is executable to the daemon user/group and has any necessary #! if scripted.

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