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Old 12-04-2012
Apache proxy for web app with ssl

I have a ubuntu server running subsonic as a web app. Currently the web interface is available from port 4040 for https connections and 4141 for https connections with the context /subsonic as follows:

I would like to loose the port number from the url and force all connections via ssl on port 443. I already have an active ssl connection using apache for my zarafa webaccess by following this guide: http://www.zarafa.com/wiki/index.php...ccess_with_SSL
But I am struggling to get the same to work for the subsonic web app, I think I need to use apaches proxy function??

Any help would be great!!
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POLIPO(1)						      General Commands Manual							 POLIPO(1)

polipo - a caching web proxy SYNOPSIS
polipo [ -h | -v | -x ] [ -c config ] [ var=val ]... DESCRIPTION
Polipo is a caching HTTP proxy. It listens to requests for web pages from your browser and forwards them to web servers, and forwards the servers' replies to your browser. In the process, it optimises and cleans up the network traffic. By default, Polipo listens on TCP port 8123. Please configure your web browser to use the proxy on localhost port 8123. OPTIONS
-h Display help and exit. -v Display the list of configuration variables and exit. -x Purge the on-disk cache and exit. -c Select an alternate configuration file. var=val Change the value of a configuration variable. FILES
/etc/polipo/config The default location of Polipo's configuration file. /etc/polipo/forbidden The default location of the list of forbidden URLs. /var/cache/polipo/ The default location of the on-disk cache. /usr/share/polipo/www/ The default root of the local web space. SIGNALS
SIGUSR1 write out all in-memory objects to disk and reload the forbidden URLs file. SIGUSR2 write out all in-memory objects to disk, discard all in-memory objects, and reload the forbidden URLs file. SIGTERM, SIGINT, SIGHUP write out all in-memory objects to disk and quit. SECURITY
The internal web server will follow symbolic links that point outside the local document tree. You should run Polipo in a chroot jail if that is a problem. There is no reason to run Polipo as root. FULL DOCUMENTATION
The full manual for Polipo is maintained in a texinfo file, and is normally available through a web server internal to Polipo. Please make sure that Polipo is running, and point your favourite web browser at http://localhost:8123/ Alternatively, you may type $ info polipo at a shell prompt, or C-h i m polipo RET in Emacs. AUTHOR
Polipo was written by Juliusz Chroboczek. POLIPO(1)

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