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Apache2 reverse proxies implementation

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Old Unix and Linux 09-30-2012
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Apache2 reverse proxies implementation

Hi all,

I hope someone here could shine a light on an issue that I am having with apache2.

I have 2 servers with apache2 on each, which are on the same network with one router.

I have implemented what I have seen on guides on the net on the landing server such as 'Apache2 reverse proxies' which is on the ubuntuguide site (cant post the url, have not reached 5 posts yet).

It works to a point as when I enter in the url of the server which is the backend server to be served, the url changes to 'https://mail.example.com/wordpress/' and not to the landing server as before, though the result is not the address expected and which I entered from the guide above.

I suspect that there was some mail program installed which is having a conflict, I had zimbra installed at one stage.

I would really appreciate if someone here who has a simliar setup would be so kind to offer some guidance, and finally, this is a great site.

Thanking you in advance,

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Old Unix and Linux 10-05-2012
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There is not so much magic in proxy, reverse for forward. The tool lsof can show you who is listening on any port of the local server. A tcp socket connects to host X port Y says "GET /Z HTTP/9.9" to some proxying service, and it is piped to host A port B after that service is fed with a "GET /C HTTP/?.?", where X Y Z are translated to A B C. Ditto for POST. Rules vary for the forwarding and translation of other HTTP lines coming from the original client that may be fed to the final service. If your config is not working, turn on debugging for the proxying service, and read the logs.
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