Compress then Delete

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Compress then Delete

Hi all,

Someone please help with a script that will compress a directory for backed up:


Then all the files in the directory are to be deleted right afterwards, emptied out for new files to come in:

home/main/directory2Bcompressed/ <--- emptied

Then the process starts all over. I am looking to have things done bi weekly. The files in the directory are images and videos.

Thanks in advance,
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Standard zip has options to do most of this. See man page for zip. If you are paranoid, you can zip the files, pull a listing from the zip, compare each file bit for bit between the archive and the disk using cmp and unzip to stdout, log errors for any that are mismatched and only delete those that match. You might want to log and avoid any files that are open, using fuser to check for open()s.
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i don't have total control over the machine... everything is going to be done through a web interface.
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Well, your client script can do all these sorts of funtions using tools like wget to substitute web server actions for local ones. Are you archiving on the server, or the client?
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If i understand what you want you to do, you want to be able to specify a directory and then have it zipped up, but wish to initiate it remotely via a browser.

I would the php command shell_exec();
Then using the zip command, specify what you need done.
Then using the rm command to remove the initial directory.
If you need more elaborate information, don't hesitate to ask Smilie
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and you can use a cron job for this to run weekly

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I have a script like this. if you are interested please let me know. it is done with php
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If you have shell access or cron can be setup to do with simple 3-4 commands

echo "Compression started"
zip home/main/ home/main/directory2Bcompressed/
cd home/main/directory2Bcompressed/
rm -rf *
Echo "Content deleted from the folder"
echo "DONE!!"

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Ahh with php i really dont know how to but you can defiantly get it done but for which you need to enabled
exec or shell_exec which is not recommended by security prospect of your server.
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