Tricky mod_rewrite for clean urls problems when fetching external sources

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Old 04-14-2010
Tricky mod_rewrite for clean urls problems when fetching external sources

Hi, I have problems with mod rewrite. I will try to describe...

I want clean urls but fail to make it work propperly. Maybe I have problems, because the content displayed is fetched from my other site...

There is a lot of stuff I already red about this, but somehow I can not find a solution for this:

Site 1 is used to fetch images for displaying on several other sites.

For example if I want to show a specific category the url is:
PHP Code:
To view these flowers on an other site, I use some php code like this, what works wonderful for this "dirty urls":

PHP Code:
$postdata "$url1";
$ch curl_init();
curl_setopt ($chCURLOPT_URL$url); 
So on the 2. Site this shows me the same flowers as requested on the url above.

PHP Code:
But I need this request from the 2.Example-Site with clean urls. Like this:

PHP Code:
In .htaccess if the 2.Site I added this to make it work, but it fails:

PHP Code:
RewriteEngine On
^([^/]*)/$ /show.php?tags=$[L
From all I undertand from all this mod_rewrite, the following request should be the same:

PHP Code:
PHP Code:
But the request, which goes to site1 in this example is:

PHP Code:
Why doesn't site2 rewrite this request propperly first to the "dirty url"?
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Old 04-16-2010
I am on my mobile phone so I can't see clearly. My first impression is that you need to return a 301 to get the redirect you are looking for,

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OK, I checked this and your regex is not matching properly, but I can't tell from your post exactly what you want to match (and not want to match).

Please provide clear examples of the exact URIs you want to match and exactly what you want to replace with. Thanks.

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On second thought, I can't answer because I can't understand your original question very well, sorry!
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Old 04-17-2010
I think the problem is that

PHP Code:

is not rewritten back to

PHP Code:
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