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Old 03-25-2010
Question Creating a blog site on a local computer


I would like to create a blog website on a web domain of mine. The blog will be used for publishing economics-lated articles.

I tried to use a few open source packages for blog creation (WorldPress, b2evolution, Movable type) which I wanted to test on a local computer before arranging a hosting service.

I tried to set up first a Windows XP testing enviroment, installing Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin, after that I tried xampp and WampServer, but with neither of these I could start any of the blog creating packages.

The problem is setting the testing enviroment. Now I considering Ubuntu Server for a simple LAMP installation.

I hope you can give me some advise which package for blog creation I can use and how to set up a local computer test enviroment for it.

Thanks in avdance!
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Old 03-25-2010
well... its usually easier to have your testing/dev environment the same as your production (so to speak) environment.

i know i personally like xampp on a windows box because its all in one package. it makes setting up super quick and easy (and it has the tomcat addon). however, you maybe more interested in bitnami. you can download the infrastructure stack per your os and then get the application stack (such as drupal or wordpress). i've used drupal in the past and found it as easy as stacking legos on top of each other. however, that part is up to you.

remember to read read read. read the docu that comes with each product. it will point you in the right direction. don't give up either. until you've done it a few times (like anything else), this takes some time to figure out.

finally, have you thought about simply registering with one of the thousands of blog hosts out there? this might give you a little more visibility.
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Old 03-25-2010
Originally Posted by degoor
I tried to use a few open source packages for blog creation (WorldPress, b2evolution, Movable type) which I wanted to test on a local computer before arranging a hosting service.
Wordpress is the best, in my opinion.

If you want to build your own, I highly recommend Slicehost. We use Slicehost to serve images and have been pleased with them. We use Ubuntu with them.

Sign up using this link and help support the forums and our next CPU/RAM upgrade! Smilie
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Old 03-25-2010
I'll second the nomination for Wordpress. I don't use it on my site because I'm a total control freak and don't like Php, but it really is the easiest way to get started and has enough legs to take you a long way.
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Old 03-25-2010
I don't like XAMPP but that is just me. I dev on a virtual machine of Ubuntu or Debian Linux almost always and my webhost runs redhat. I also use Drupal and prefer it over Wordpress, but that is my opinion. I am a very novice web developer, but managed to build my site off of drupal. I did have some help from my friends though.
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Old 03-29-2010
Well, it seems that WordPress stack of bitnami is my thing: really easy to start with and nearly perfect for a newbie developer.

I began to work on a free WP theme and soon I hope there will be a blog of mine.

Thank you very much for your help!
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