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Useful one should be aware of

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Useful one should be aware of

Today I was reading some posts/news in, in that I found one post useful post, and felt it's good to post here so that if any more such commands are there then we can discuss.

Here is that useful post

Some Malicious Linux Commands You Should Be Aware Of
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rm -r is an old chestnut.
ifconfig -a 1 has a surprising impact - at least on Solaris.
Also good on Unix: crontab. Hanging. Now don't terminate with ^D, this will wipe the crontab. Dito with ^C on some buggy implementations.
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
rm -r is an old chestnut.
I remember when I was at university the text editor we were taught to use saved backup files as filename+ampersand. You can guess how that went if you were slightly careless when cleaning up old backups...
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